Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nursing Homes in Heaven

My very good friend lost her grandmother a year ago.  She was very elderly and had lived for many years in a nursing home.  When she died, my friend kept asking me if I felt her around.  But I didn't.  Periodically throughout the year, my friend would ask, "Has my grandmother touched base with you yet? I keep asking her to check in with you to let me know she's okay."  But I never heard from her.  It got to be a bit embarrassing because I'm sure my friend was beginning to doubt my mediumship abilities.  When she went through some very difficult times over the holidays, I meditated and purposely reached out to her grandmother.  Nothing.

Then, a week ago, her grandmother popped into my meditation.  I was shocked and relieved and happy!  She said she'd been in a nursing home in heaven for the past year resting and adjusting to her new life.  "I haven't left the nursing home and haven't been able to reach out to anybody.  It was a lovely, restful and idyllic time."  She had no idea about the trouble her granddaughter had been going through and was very distraught.  "Please let her know I'm going to be helping her now that I know."

I called my friend right away, but she wasn't home.  I didn't want to leave a message about this.  What would I say? "Hi, it's Samantha.  Your grandmother finally made contact.  Call me!" Um, I don't think so.

But this grandmother was suddenly a constant presence by my side.  I'm sure my friend thought I was suddenly her strangest friend because normally I hate to talk on the phone and prefer to see my friends in person.  But this day, I called my friend four times.  Finally, she returned my call.  "What's wrong?" she fairly screamed in my ear.  When I told her about her grandmother, she said, "Oh my God.  She died a year ago today."

So, if you haven't heard from or felt the presence of a loved one on the other side, rest assured that they may be in a nursing home of sorts in heaven.

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