Monday, May 9, 2011

The Haunted Tea Pot

I did a reading this weekend for a lovely new client.  I felt some heaviness around her home and couldn't pin point the source.  It just felt like a blanket of sadness was hanging about her and depleting her energy.  I asked her family members on the other side to help me out and they showed me a teapot.  A teapot? I asked.  They nodded.  Okay.

"Do you have an antique teapot?" I asked cautiously.
"Yes," my client said.  "It's handle is broken, so I have to get it fixed."
"Well, I'm not sure how to say this, but there's a little old lady attached to that teapot.  She's hanging about your home and stealing all the good energy for herself."
"Oh! What should I do?"

I advised her to get rid of the teapot.  In addition to being an avid antique collector, this client was also a very gifted intuitive.  The two do NOT go hand in hand.  If you enjoy collecting antiques, please remember to put white light around yourself before entering the store.  When bringing home any antiques -- or anything previously owned -- sage it outside first before bringing it in your home.

I know it sounds weird that people get so attached to their things that they don't go into the light.  I can hardly believe it myself, but it happens all the time.  So, please, if you're an avid antique hunter or yard sale scavenger, remember to take precautions first.  Yes, one man's trash is another's treasure.  But just remember, you could be bringing home a lot more than "treasure."

Here are some signs that a ghost is inhabiting your surroundings:

1) an increase in illness -- especially upper respiratory infections and ear infections
2) more fighting among family members
3) depleted energy
4) an increase in general sadness and depression
5) things -- like keys, remote controls and phones -- temporarily disappearing only to reappear later
6) always feeling watched
7) either a desire to leave the house a lot or a desire to stay in the home all the time

For more information on how to rid yourself of a pesky house guest, check out this great read:  When Ghosts Speak by Mary Ann Winkowski


  1. I once had a small garden gnome statue someone gave me that was sitting in a houseplant that had an old man's spirit attached to it. I thought that was really an odd thing to attach to... but a teapot? Even stranger.

    I try to keep our house really "clean" from outside spirit activity, but it can be a challenge. At one time one of my brothers came to visit and lost an earring at our house. He had a nasty spirit that had been following him for some time, and for some reason having his earring in our house allowed that spirit to come in to our place. Once we got the earring out of the house I never saw that spirit again.

    Thanks for confirming what I have believed for a long time.

  2. You're welcome! Thanks for your comments.

  3. Samantha - Ear infections, depleted energy, desire to stay home all the time. . . All I have is a table from a garage sale and a pretty plate antique from Tennessee in my room. Any advice, I'm not too wise to the mediumistic world, would love to learn though. Thanks!

  4. The plate might have some bad mojo attached to it -- you never know. Try removing it from your home - possibly just temporarily -- and then sage your house while calling on your angels and guides to help you clear the space. For more information, check out the book I recommended When Ghosts Speak and Relax! It's Only a Ghost by Echo Bodine. Both are very informative. It's definitely a weird concept, I know, but it's worth looking into.

    Bring positive energy into your home by doing the following:

    1) Getting rid of all clutter -- even under the beds and in the closets. If you can't throw things away, you can organize them in storage bins

    2) Keep life plants in your home -- just not cactus. Get rid of all fake flowers and plants

    3) Sage your house weekly

    4) Have a source of water in your home -- either a fish bowl or aquarium

    5) As much as your budget allows, have bouquets of fresh flowers in your home

    6) Open all the windows in your house at least once a week to air out any stagnant energy

    7) Play soft classical or meditative music throughout your home. A recording of the Gregorian Chants works very well to clean any negative energy in a home