Saturday, April 30, 2011

Your Ticket to Heaven

A good friend of mine has a funny expression.  If he ever catches you doing something wrong, say telling a little white lie or going back on a promise, he'll wag his finger and joke, "Watch out or you won't get your ticket to heaven."

I think many people, jokingly or not, believe in a version of this which is why we may have ghosts; they're afraid they won't get their ticket to heaven because of some action they've taken.

I had a funny experience in a reading last week that still is making me laugh when I think about it.  I was connecting a woman to her father-in-law who'd passed away a few years ago.  I really liked his energy -- big, loving and, pardon the pun, very down to earth.  He showed me that he was with his family and made a point of motioning to his brother.

I said to my client, "Does your father-in-law have a brother on the other side?"


"Did his actions lead to his crossing over?"

"In a manner, yes.  He died of a drug overdose."

And then the father-in-law showed me a scene.  This doesn't always happen.  Sometimes they show my symbols, sometimes I hear them, sometimes they'll show me my memories and then I interpret those.  But sometimes, happily, their energy is strong enough and mine is too that we make a perfect connection.  This was one of those beautiful occasions for me when he was able to show me almost a movie scene of his crossing over.  I saw him not walking through a tunnel but over a bridge.  He was happy to see his family members who had predeceased him when his gaze fell on his brother.  He grinned.  The brother grinned and reached out his arms.  The father-in-law walked over to his brother and gave him a playful shove.  "Get the f*** out of here! You made it too?"  Then the hug.  It was a joyful, loving and hilarious scene that I felt privileged to watch.  The father-in-law joked to me that if he knew someone like his brother would "get a ticket to heaven" then he (the father-in-law) would have had a bit more fun here on Earth!