Sunday, April 10, 2011

Crystal Grid for Forgiveness

I spoke on the radio show tonight with Deb about the importance of forgiving ourselves.  Too often I see clients in pain over their past actions which caused others sadness, discomfort or worse.  Holding on to guilt and shame are powerful negative emotions that will wreak havoc on our immune systems, ability to love ourselves and, ultimately, our karmic consequences.

Some excellent crystals to use when trying to reach into your heart and discover the forgiveness that awaits you are: rose quartz, rhodochrosite, rhodonite, malachite, chrysoprase, pink tourmaline, kunzite and sugalite.

Here's a good crystal lay out using any of the stones above:

Place a loving stone on your heart chakra, throat chakra and solar plexus.  Lay with these stones for at least twenty minutes while repeating to yourself, "I feel love, I speak love, I am love. I love myself." While doing this, imagine a ray of pink light shooting down from heaven through your crown chakra, going down into your body and filling in every crevice and space of your body with feelings of love, forgiveness and joy.  If you have time after your meditation, run yourself a bath and toss in the stones you meditated with and continue bathing in the loving vibrations of these stones.  Imagine the stones and the water erasing any negative, hateful or guilty emotions still remaining in you.  At the end of your bath, pull the drain and say, "All my negative feelings about myself are now washed away and in there place is only love, forgiveness and approval."

Have a happy Monday!

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