Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thank You From the Other Side

After I do a reading, I'll often hear a voice in the room say, "Thank you."  I always smile because this only happens after an emotional reading, and I know it's the loved one on the other side taking time out to say, "Thanks."  As I've said before that's no easy task.  Our deceased loved ones have to go through a lot of energetic hoops to get my attention.  I'm amazed by how blasé some people are about their loved ones coming through.  "It's nice that grandpa is here, but can we get back to discussing my ex?"  You'd be amazed at how often that happens.

The amount of energy they have to expend to stay in my energetic field is amazing.  Some can only pop through for about twenty minutes; others can stay longer.  Why the difference?  I think it's the love connection.  No, not the 80's Chuck Lowery dating show type of love connection.  I mean I think the ability for spirits to come through is directly related to the strong love connection between them and the person I'm reading for.  I think this is one of the reasons why great grandmothers and great uncles rarely come through.  Unless there was a strong earthly relationship, it's hard for them to link in with my energy.

I was impressed with the love of a daughter recently who popped into my house while I was doing laundry one Sunday afternoon.  She said excitedly, "You get to meet my dad tomorrow!" And then she was gone.  The next day, even after her father had left, I still felt her energy lingering just so she could tell me thank you.  That's a lot of love.

But just the other day, something pretty amazing happened where I was on the receiving end of a validation.  A lovely young woman came to see me, and almost immediately her grandmother starting coming through with a lot of love.  At the end of the reading, the young woman told me how nice it had been to hear from her grandmother.  Her grandmother had been Italian and spoke little English, my client explained, and she would always hold her granddaughter's face in her hands and tell her how beautiful she was.  Over and over she would say, "You are so beautiful" in Italian.  Then the young woman told me that her grandmother had just passed a few months ago.  Now it was my turn to be impressed.  After we die, it can take us some time to get used to our new "bodies" and our new home.  We have to learn to work with energy in a whole new way.  So how amazing this grandmother's love must be for her to come through as strongly as she did.

The only thing the young woman couldn't validate was the Lincoln Town Car her grandmother kept showing me.  She had absolutely no connection to that type of car.  Personally, I get a bit annoyed when they keep showing me something that the client can't validate.  I worry that it's me, that I'm just not getting something right.  Finally, I let it go and told her to write it down.

A few hours later, as I was heading home from my day, I was going over the readings I'd done in my head when a white Lincoln Town Car pulled out in front of me.  I almost had to slam on my breaks and that's when I saw the license plate.  BELLA MIA.

I got that tingling, spidery feeling I get when I know this is important some how.  So I pulled over, got out my phone and googled BELLA MIA.  It's Italian and means "BEAUTIFUL ONE." And that's when I heard a slight, barely audible, "Thank you."

I love it!  What an amazing woman and what an incredible love she has for her family.  I hope all of you have someone in your life who loves you like that because, trust me, with someone like that on the other side rooting for you, well, life can be a bit easier.


  1. I really enjoyed reading this post. :)

  2. I had chills all over me when I read that you saw the lincoln!