Friday, March 4, 2011

I Need a Reading ASAP!

I see this subject headline in my email in-box about five times a day, and it always makes me laugh.  One client came to see me this week, and said, "I'm here because a friend referred you.  She said she'd been coming to see you for five years, and I said why? Why would you need to see a psychic?" The woman shrugged, pulled her shawl closer around her and said, "So when can I schedule another reading?"

I don't think she got the humorous irony of her statement, but I understand the sentiment.  It's hard to understand why someone would come to see a psychic, but once you go and get the validation and confirmation you seek, it can feel wonderful and, well, validating.

Still, the energy of those I NEED A READING NOW emails turns my stomach.  We should always be in touch with our own intuition to the point that we don't get that fearful.  I'm the mailman. I am here to deliver the message from your guides and loved ones.  Period.  But you can cut out the middle man, i.e me, very easily.

How?  Follow these easy steps that I call LET GO.

L -- listen in silence

E -- enjoy the stillness

T -- trust what you're receiving

G -- go within by breathing deeply

O -- open your chakras and receive

If you're feeling so panicky about a situation that you feel you must speak to a psychic, know this:  Something is wrong.  Go within, trust, breathe and then maybe call me.  If you have to ask a question such as "Does he really love me?" or "I think he's cheating" or "I think my boss might fire me." Please know that by the very nature of your question, you probably already know the answer.

Here's a sampling of what I received this week:

"Please call me ASAP.  I need a reading now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"I'm available any time tonight.  No time's too late.  Please respond to this email now.  It's urgent!!!!"

"If you really care about people, you'll email me back right away. I really need a reading NOW!!!!"

Three different people sent me those emails just this week.  Yikes.  What do they expect? One was on a Friday night.  I was out to dinner with my family.  Should I have rushed home, put the kids to be and called this person.  "Hello? It's Psychic Sam to the rescue.  What can I do for you?" OOh, I like that image.  Wouldn't that be funny?  I could get a cape and everything.  Instead of a head thing, I could wear a gold star over my third eye.

But seriously, all the answers to your problems really do lay within.  We just have to learn to trust.  Sometimes, most agonizingly of all, we're not meant to know the answers at all.

So, please, if you feel you need a reading ASAP!!!!!!!, don't call me.  I'm not the intuitive for you.  Maybe you could try 1 - 900 - Psychics on Call.  But if you're looking for validation, confirmation and some guidance as you journey along the path of your soul, then call me.  Psychic Sam to the rescue!


  1. A gold star and a rainbow cape. I like it. It can be your new logo. ;)

  2. Well said, and I like your thinking. I, too, was referred to you recently, but I'm not ready. No S.O.S. here. And, I promise no emergency or several!!!!!!!!!! when I am ready to meet you.

  3. Great post. I believe what you said that sometimes we aren't meant to know all the answers. How could we learn anything if we did?