Sunday, March 27, 2011

Chakra Balancing

If you're feeling a little tired, unbalanced and stressful, try a chakra balance.  Choose 7 chakra stones --

Root -- red jasper, red tiger's eye, garnet
Sacral -- carnelian, amber
Solar Plexus -- citrine, yellow chalcedony, yellow jasper
Heart -- green aventurine, emerald, watermelon tourmaline, malachite, rose quartz
Throat -- blue lace agate, celestite, blue chalcedony
Third Eye - sodalite, labradorite, lapis
Crown -- amethyst, sugalite

Place the crystal on its corresponding chakra and, beginning with the root chakra, breathe in each color.  So for the root chakra, breathe in red.  Then breathe in orange, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, purple and finally white.  Then bring your attention back to your root chakra.  Picture a red fan spinning.  Imagine flooding it with ruby red light.  See any dirt or debris coming off the red fan as it spins faster and faster.  Do the same with the orange fan, yellow fan and so on.  Make sure each fan is the same size and spinning in the same direction.

When you're finished with this imagery, just lay with the stones on your chakras for about 20 minutes.  Finally see yourself encased in a beautiful white light.  When you're ready, slowly take the stones off starting with the root chakra stone and finishing with the crown chakra.

For more information or pictures of these stones, go to my website and click on How To Use Your Chakra Bag.


  1. You really should mention your CD on here. I find it immensely helpful and soothing. I don't have to think or remember, just listen & be guided. And you did a terrific job, so you should tell people about it. It's not bragging, just providing the service. :)

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  2. Raven, thank you! I really appreciate you!