Thursday, March 10, 2011

What's Your Mantra?

Every year or so I try to pick a new mantra -- a goal -- to which a lot of my attention and intention flows.  I think this is important because it helps me to select the lens through which I view my days and encounters with others.  Some of my prior mantras have been:

Use me dear God to do your will

Help me, dear God, to see your divine spark in everyone I meet

Every day help me to hold down the light in my corner of the world.

My mantra this year is: Help me to be of service Jesus with a willing spirit, a patient mind and an open heart.

I wrote this down and taped it to my bathroom mirror so that each morning and every night, I can remind myself to stay focused on my path of service.  It's not an easy mantra, and I don't always fulfill it.  I often get impatient and sometimes my spirit would rather just stay home with a good book, but I'm happy to say that many days I do fulfill this mantra and for that I'm very grateful.  I don't want to be a rolling stone, a leaf blowing in the wind.  I want to be a sailboat with a strong sail and a steady compass.

What's your mantra? Where do you want your thoughts and intention to flow this year? Try coming up with your own mantra, and you'll start to see amazing changes in your life.

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