Monday, March 21, 2011

Who's Your Animal Guide?

Many people believe we're each assigned animal guides who help us navigate the many turns and bumps in our life path.  While I do believe this is true, what I find even more helpful is paying attention to the animals that come and go throughout your journey.  Nature speaks to us all the time.  What is it saying to you?

For example, when I was re-opening my intuitive gifts, I kept seeing butterflies.  For months and months, I would see literally 50 to 60 butterflies a day.  Mostly, I'd see the plain yellow ones, but occasionally I'd see the beautiful monarchs.  I knew what the butterflies were telling me.  "You're in the cocoon; soon it will be time to fly and get out their with your intuitive abilities."

 A friend of mine was going through a difficult separation, and he did not want to get mired in the ugliness that divorce can sometimes evolve into. But then he kept seeing a fox.  First in his yard, then running across the road by his work.  He saw this fox over four times in one week.  The message was clear.  "You don't have to fight ugly, but you do have to be clever and prepared." After avoiding the subject for weeks, he finally made the painful decision to file papers and hire a divorce attorney.

Begin to pay attention to the animals, birds and insects you see throughout your day.  Sometimes, they come to as signs from our loved ones.  Other times, they're here to help us make important decisions in our life.

Here are some meanings of some animals that may keep appearing in your life -- whether in person, in meditation, your dreams or through various media outlets:

DEER's Message: Wait. Now is not the time to rush in to anything.
The deer is a symbol of grace, elegance, and patience.   If you're fighting with someone or if someone is bothering you, now is not the time for a confrontation.  The deer asks you to turn the other cheek, to take the high road and to be patient.  The deer asks you to forgive and forget.

BUTTERFLY's Message: Change is coming.  The butterfly, newly changed from its caterpillar existence, comes to us with a message of change and transformation.  The butterfly is telling you to expect change, to embrace it, and to prepare for a transformation.  If you're feeling scared to make a change, the butterfly appears to remind you to spread your wings and soar!

FOX's Message: Approach your problem from a new angle.  The sly and clever fox is here to remind you that you need to look at a problem in your life from a different lens.  It's time to think outside the box.

OWL's Message: Trust your intuition! The wise owl is here to tell you to listen to your inner voice, pay attention to your dreams and start to trust your psychic abilities.  The owl also asks, "What aren't you seeing?  What do you need to pay attention to?" And he reminds you to trust your gut.

HAWK's Message: Widen your vision! With its keen sense of sight, Hawk can see a panoramic view of its world.  The hawk asks us to view our problem from a wider perspective, to look beyond the surface. It can also be a message that your inner sight is opening up as well.

WOLF's Message: Join the Pack. Because the wolf survives and thrives by its pack, the message of the wolf is often to get out there and embrace a community of like minded, supportive people.  The wolf asks you to be a team player and to work with a spirit of cooperation.

BEAR's Message: Own your Power! Bears can be smart and calm, patient and maternal but strong and fierce.  Know that you have the same qualities in you.  Sometimes bear reminds us to be a mama bear and look out for a family and friends.  Other times, bear asks us remember our strength, inner power and courage.

LION's Message: Don't be afraid. If you're seeing lots of images of lions or tigers, it's a reminder to take charge.  Drop fear.  Now is the time to pounce and make that change knowing that you have the confidence, courage and ability to do so!

DRAGONFLY's Message:  Enjoy the Moment.  With its short life span, the dragonfly is here to tell us to relax and find joy in the moment because life is short.  The Japanese view the dragonfly as a symbol of victory, and the chinese see it as a symbol of luck and prosperity. The dragonfly lives in two worlds -- air and water.  So often the message of dragonfly is to seek balance, to look past illusions and embrace your maturity and the lessons learned.

HUMMINGBIRD's Message: It's time to let your heart heal.  Enjoy life! The hummingbird lives on nectar and spends its life seeking the sweetness of life.  Hummingbird reminds you that life is meant to be enjoyed.  It's time to move on from a painful situation, to put the past behind you and seek out the sweetness of your life.

Look up and around you this week and always.  Pay attention to the nature that is all around us.


  1. I had a ladybug on my windshield this week and it made me think of you, since you said on the show that one of your animal guides is a ladybug.

    Another really good one that I see all the time is a vulture, which reminds us to be thankful. They chose such a nasty job of service to the rest of us and we need to take a moment to say thanks to the universe. Also, it's a reminder to thank all those people who give service without recognition.

  2. I have seen ladybugs a lot in the past. Can you comment on what their meaning or message might be?

  3. Ladybugs are symbols of good luck and love. Ladybugs received their name in the middle ages when crops were being destroyed by aphids. Farmers prayed to Mother Mary, and soon little red aphid eating beetles appeared and saved the crops. The farmers named the little red bugs "Our Lady's Beetle" which evolved into Ladybug.

    Some traditions teach that if a lady bug lands on you, make a wish. Others say that if a ladybug lands on your hand, you'll be married within the year. If you catch a ladybug and ask it to help you find love, legend says she'll fly to your true love and whisper your name in the person's ear.

    Because of their hard wings, they're also known as a symbol of protection.

  4. I have just recently started meditating with crystals. A few weeks ago I was meditating with a piece of selenite. I asked to connect with my spirit guide, I saw a pale white image of a Butterfly. I requested confirmation and and in a two day period I saw 3 more butterfly images. I was quite blown away.