Saturday, February 19, 2011

Good Vibrations

The most common question I get asked by budding intuitives is this: "What can I do besides meditate to increase my psychic ability?"  The answer is simple: Increase your vibration.

Everything is energy and everything vibrates at a certain level.  Spirits, guides, and angels don't have a clunky body to carry around.  They don't eat or drink anything.   They're not burdened by the sheer hum drum dailiness of life like we are.  So they vibrate very, very fast.  We, on the other hand, vibrate s - l - o - w - l - y.

People who are burdened with illness, depression, and mental or physical fatigue vibrate even slower.  If you're stressed by money or job issues, relationship worries or family drama, your energy will slow down too.

People who run all day - moving from one event to the other -- never pausing to slow down, to meditate, to say thank you, their energy vibrates very slowly.

Cheapskates and misers, people who hold onto grudges and imagined hurts vibrate slowly.

If you live in a cluttered, messy house you vibrate slowly.  If you practice one of my biggest pet peeves -- staying indoors and keeping your blinds shut -- you vibrate slowly.  All you video gamers, eBay lovers, and Wi addicts vibrate very slowly.

Passive aggressive people, overtly angry people, and general haters obviously vibrate at an extremely low level.  People who worry, who doubt, who've given up on hope, themselves and their faith will vibrate at an usually low rate.

If you eat nothing but processed and fast food, drink alcohol and sugary drinks constantly, and smoke regularly or indulge in recreational drugs, you will definitely lower your vibration.

In order to increase your vibration and your energy levels in general, you need to learn how to live in the present moment, to surrender your fears and worries to God, to trust in yourself, in miracles and in a higher power.  Your vibrations will skyrocket if you can practice weekly chakra clearing exercises, daily meditation and prayer, and practice moments of gratitude.  Keep your home clean and clear.  Open your blinds, drapes and windows.  Let the sunshine in literarily and figuratively.  Love your body.  Drink lots of water and eat as many fresh foods as possible.  Learn about crystals -- wear them and place them around your home.  Play soft music in your home frequently to dissipate any negative energy.  I keep a CD of the Gregorian chants playing in my home.  Have a water fountain in your home and live plants and fresh flowers. Get rid of any potpourri or fake flowers.  It will stagnate your energy.

Wear upbeat clothes.  Love your wardrobe.  I mean this.  Stop scrimping on yourself.  Buy yourself a few really nice pieces and feel really good about what you put on each day.  We're all bombarded by black, gray and brown in the stores this winter, but punch it up with a bright scarf, a red sweater, or some really great shoes.

Make sure you have something to look forward to everyday.  Seriously.  I don't care if it's just a good show or new magazine that arrived in the mail.  Everyday, get excited about something.

Learn about forgiveness -- what it really means -- and explore within to see if you're ready to forgive the most important person -- you.

Practice letting things roll of your back.  Follow my motto on this: "Fake it until you make it."  I have a lovely, well intentioned friend who gets angry over everything.  If one of her kids gets sick, she gets angry at the last sick kid in class for bringing germs to the school.  She's even been known to call a mom and blast her out for sending her child to school when she was still sick.  My friend gets mad when I forget to call her back, when someone asks her to move over in gym class, when the school asks us for too much money for PTA stuff, when the dismissal line goes too slowly.  Get the point?  Everything makes her mad.  And most of it is legitimate.  I don't like it when lazy parents send their sick kids to school either.  I don't exactly relish sitting in car line while moms chat with each other slowing us all down.  But, here's the point that I want everything to remember, what can I do about it?

Sure, I can yell and scream like my friend, but has that changed anything?  No.  It's just made her mad, stressed me out having to listen to it, and given her lots of physical ailments like cold sores, flues and sore throats.  We will find peace only when we relinquish our need to control everything.  And when we learn to surrender and accept the people, events and circumstances in our life, then we will truly and amazingly lift our vibrations.

Tune into to the radio show I co-host with Deb Bowen every Sunday night on Blog Talk -- Psychicteachers this Sunday from 8 - 9 pm eastern because we'll be talking about this subject in detail.  Hope you all are having a great weekend!

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