Saturday, February 19, 2011

Are You an Energy Vampire?

An energy vampire is someone who sucks your energy dry, who leaves you feeling depleted, dejected and depressed.  Energy vampires can be angry or passive aggressive.  They will use many techniques to steal your energy.  Sometimes, we ourselves are energy vampires.  I have to stop myself from telling anyone who will listen about the complicated dreams I dreamt the night before.  Boring!  And when I'm not feeling well, I can get a little whiny.  Just ask my husband.  So, are you an energy vampire?

You just might be an energy vampire if you:

1) love to be the center of attention "You'll never guess what just happened to me!!"
2) interrupt people often to get your point across "Oh, I can totally top that story!"
3) feel the need to tell people intimate details about your life "You would not believe what my gynecologist told me."
4) enjoy gossiping and spreading rumors even if you're not sure they're true "Did you hear about the neighbors on the corner?  Foreclosure!"
5) tell people something mean and then say, "What? I'm just being honest. Green is not your color."
6) or you avoid the truth and let it leak out instead in passive aggressive statements.  "Did you want your hair to look like that?" Or "You're so adorable the way you love to overcook your food.  Bless your heart!"
7) are always in the center of a drama "CALL ME BACK NOW! I'm going to lose it."
8) feel afraid you're missing out on something so you spend your time talking on the phone, stalking Facebook, Twittering and texting.  Your Facebook posts probably read like this: "Sitting here in my lovely home watching the moonlight with my amazing husband as my perfect children slumber in their bed.  Does life get any better?"
9) ignore people's boundaries.  "Nice car.  What you'd pay for it?"
10) refuse to take no for an answer.  "Okay, so you have to be in your sister's wedding.  Can't you leave early to help me move? This is important."
11) Exaggerate everything.  "This is the worst day of my life.  Ever.  I mean look at this nail.  It's broken!"
12)blame everyone for your problems.  "I'd never have gotten fired if my boss and co-workers weren't such losers."
13) feel like everyone is out to get you.  "I only got fired because they're all so jealous of me."
14) Avoid and fear change.  "Yeah, my boyfriend can be a jerk, but he's all mine."

Alright, so maybe I've exaggerated some of my examples for humor's sake, but I think you get the point. We will come in contact with an energy vampire.  They might be our boss, our co-workers, our own family members, or our friends and neighbors.  So what's a vampire slayer to do?

Walk away from Drama Queen Eileen.

Throw white light at Talkative Ted

Put pink light around Narcissistic Nancy

Set firm boundaries with Victim Vanessa

Realize you'll never change Blame Game Wayne

And Pity Party Patty?  Toss her a quart of ice cream and a violin and leave her to cry at her own darn party.

Want to learn more?  Join Deb and me Tuesday night for our Teleclass on how to recognize, avoid and protect yourself from Energy Vampires.  We'll teach you several chakra clearing and aura strengthening exercises, show you how to cleanse your home of negativity and how to recognize patterns you may have inadvertently set up to attract these Negative Neds into your life.  They'll be plenty of time for your questions too. Email me at to register by Tuesday, February 22.  We'll send you all the handouts and the call-in number.

Have a happy, drama free Sunday!

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