Sunday, June 6, 2010

Over the Rainbow

At my last intuitive development class, we did a guided meditation to meet our spirit guide. There's a part where we're guided to look across a crystal bridge and see our guide walking toward us. When the meditation was over, I asked the class, "When you were looking over the rainbow bridge, I mean the crystal bridge, were you able to see your guide?" I remember thinking, "How had I made that mistake? I always tell people to look across the crystal bridge. Why had I said rainbow?"

Later that night, a student from that class emailed me. Her husband transitioned to the other side just before the holidays, not long after their child was born. On the way to class she said to her husband, "If you're with me, make Samantha say the word rainbow."

I love the way spirit works. I've been guiding students through that spirit guided meditation over the crystal bridge for more than three years. I've done it so many times, I've memorized it. And yet through the power of this wonderful man's love for his strong and courageous wife, he managed to get me to say "rainbow" instead of "crystal." And she was able to go home with the validation she needed that yes, her husband is alive and well on the other side and still very much a part of his wife and child's life.

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