Monday, June 21, 2010

Calling All Shoppers!

As my way of saying thank you to all you amazing clients, bloggers, and listeners I'm offering free shipping for the summer. Through my online store, I offer crystal chakra bags which are hand knit by me and blessed with Reiki energy. They are then filled with chakra stones which you can use to give readings, to cleanse and balance your chakras or a client's, to meditate or to create a crystal grid. I also make Angel Spray which is filled with holy water, two types of Sage essential oil, lavender and crystal chips to keep the spray energized. Use it to energetically clean your home, car, work space, your crystals and yourself and others. Bad Mojo Begone Bath Salts help you energetically detox from a bad week. Each bag is filled with Epsom and Sea Salts and essential oils to help you destress and unplug from any negative mojo going on around you. And don't forget to check out my powerful meditation CDs. Happy Shopping!

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