Tuesday, October 2, 2012

What Do People Do In Heaven?

When I'm doing readings and connecting with loved ones, often they'll show me snippets of what they do in heaven.  Here's a brief overview of what I've learned about the other side from these rare glimpses.

1) We create our own homes.  People can live together but many prefer to live alone.  We create the setting too.  I've seen homes overlooking the ocean, a lake, a small pond.  I've seen cottages surrounded in ivy and homes nestled in woods.

2) We hang around with like-minded people.  There are levels to the afterlife.  So if you have a lot of work still to do but are still a decent person, you will probably go to a middle level.  If you were a very good and compassionate person, you will go to a higher level.  Higher level souls can visit lower level souls but not vice versa.

3) We can have jobs if we want.  I've seen teachers still teaching in heaven.  Souls who die young still need to go to school.  I've seen doctors and nurses tending to traumatized souls.  Many young people who've come through that have passed from a drug overdose tell me that their job is to work with drug addicted youths here on Earth trying to get them to stop.  Suicides will work with depressed people here on Earth trying to get them help.  How can they help us you might be thinking?  There are a number of ways.  They can put thoughts into our head.  They can put thoughts into our family members' and friends' heads such as "Call John."  They can make "coincidences" appear.  Let's say, for example, that you're thinking about rehab, but you're scared.  They can help you bump into someone who just got back from a great rehab.

4) Many choose to remain what I call the Family Protector.  They will stay close to Earth and will protect us from things that aren't in our path.  I did a reading for someone recently who went through a traumatic divorce.  Her deceased mother said she couldn't prevent that because it was part of her daughter's path but that she did help her keep her job through a series of layoffs the company was going through.  I had an uncle come through once and show me how he helped everyone escape a fire.  The house fire had to happen but no one was supposed to get hurt.  He made sure it happened just as it was planned.

5) They travel.  I've had many reports of our deceased loved ones traveling.  I saw a client's son climbing a mountain in Italy.  I saw a woman finally touring the Holy Land.  They are now pure energy so they can travel as quickly as their thoughts can think of a destination.

6) They still worry about us.  I've had many reports -- especially from parents -- of worry for their loved ones here on Earth.  Their biggest worry?  It's that we are worrying too much.  They want us to relax, enjoy life and surrender to our lessons while enjoying the time we have. When we're in pain -- from financial stress, relationship woes or health worries -- they are with us sending us love and helping us when they can.  I just had a husband come through recently, and he said that he helped his wife get the best doctor by having two friends recommend him to her.  He couldn't prevent her diagnosis, but he could make sure she had the best care possible.

7) They are learning so much!  Now that they are souls again without the heavy weight of a body, they are learning how to manipulate, create and change energy.  Everything on the other side  is created with thought energy, and they have to learn how to do that.  They also get to meet with many great thinkers who no longer need to reincarnate and learn from them.  Some advanced souls are studying to be spirit guides.

8) They are balancing karma.  Many souls who die with regret such as those from suicide have lots of negative karma to balance out.  I remember years ago, a grandfather came through to tell his granddaughter (my client) that he was helping her get away from an abusive relationship.  My client hated this idea because it was her own grandfather who abused his wife and son (my client's dad).  "Why would he help with this?  And why would I even want his help?" When I explained to her that this was a way for him to redress the wrongs he'd committed against his family, she agreed to ask him for help.  Soon her tumultuous relationship ended and she was able to move on.

9) They are helping lower level souls.  It's rare, but I have come across a few very enlightened souls who take it upon themselves to visit souls in the lower levels of the afterlife and try to help them ask forgiveness and come to grips with some of the pain they caused when on Earth.  For more on this, check out a great book by Helen Greaves called Testimony of Light.

10) They are getting ready to come back.  Many souls take years and years to plan their return to Earth. They have to plan out everything so they can learn the lessons needed for their soul growth.  Sometimes, they have to wait for certain souls to reincarnate with them so they can balance past karma together.  Souls plan their return with the help of a team of guides and angels.

So, the next time you're thinking about your loved one in heaven, ask, "What are you doing up there anyway?"  See what pops into your head.  Who knows? You might see Grandma Irene dancing a jig in Ireland! But always, always remember to ask for their help.  God gives us all free will, so we have to ask for the help in order to receive it.

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