Sunday, September 2, 2012

Crystal of the Week: Hemimorphite

I just discovered and acquired a piece of Hemimorphite this week, and I am in love with its energy.  It's known to increase the amount of light coming into your aura and will aid you on your spiritual progress.  It's especially useful for psychics and mediums as it helps to increase these abilities and to maintain the intuitive's energy while doing readings.  It increases your sense of joy and enhances your communication abilities.

Hemimorphite can be found in Greece, Italy, England, Zambia, Mexico, Algeria and the US.

The beautiful blue of this stone helps bring a sense of serenity and clarity to your spiritual purpose for this lifetime.  It will help your clairaudience and clairvoyance strengthen and will assist you in communicating with your angels and guides.  It also works with the thymus to encourage feelings of forgiveness, empathy and compassion.

It works to strengthen and align the throat, third eye and crown chakras so that they're working in harmony.

If you sometimes lack confidence in your intuitive abilities, this is the stone for you as it will slowly but surely begin to decrease feelings of self-doubt.

Hemimorphite is called The Ascension Stone because as it allows more light to enter your auric field, your spirituality is lifted to the next level.

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