Sunday, October 14, 2012

Crystal of the Week -- OPAL

October’s birthstone, the beautiful Opal,  is surrounded by as many superstitions as the headlining holiday this month.  Just like Halloween, people used to believe the Opal was bad luck and spooky. Opal used to have a negative connotation because it was said to make the wearer invisible, and so it was known as the “thieves’ stone.” But in reality, Opal is a gentle stone of love, fidelity and loyalty. It helps overcome self-doubt and enhances psychic ability.  It helps create a better work environment. Physically, it’s said to assist the kidneys, stomach and digestion.  It’s said to relieve pain in childbirth.  Opal will help one fight depression while increasing one’s will to live.  It’s a delicate, soft stone that will chip and crack easily.  It’s a good stone for creative people – especially, writers and dancers.  White Opals are great for children helping them to open up and expres themselves.  Opals will absorb your emotions but it’s tricky to clean them.  Run them carefully under a bit of water or clean with virgin olive oil.  Opals are Silicon Dioxide with water trapped inside so the stone helps people who feel trapped or unable to express themselves.  Anything you’ve been suppressing or pushing down will come to the surface when Opal is worn so you can face it and embrace this part of yourself with love and acceptance. Opal will help you to express your true self. It will enhance any emotion you’re feeling, so don’t wear this stone when you’re feeling down or angry. 

The word “Opal” derives from the Sanskrit word “Upala” which means “valuable stone.”  Wearing Opal will help you to realize your own value, your own true worth. It will also help you learn how to increase your wealth and hold on to the new money you earn.

The ancient Romans prized Opal as a stone of prophecy.  There’s a story that when Mark Antony tried to buy an Opal from the senator Nonius so he could give it to Cleopatra, Nonius fled Rome and accepted a life of exile rather than part with his Opal.

It’s also a noted stone of mysticism.  Both Native Americans and Australian Aborigines have used Opals on their vision quests.

There are several varieties of Opal.

Fire Opal: Said to enhance one’s personal power.  Protects against danger.  Helps one to let go of the past and progress through difficult changes. 

Water Opal: Acts as a mood stabilizer.  Helps calm hormonal changes in adolescents and menopausal women. Reduces feelings of stress and anxiety.

Cherry Opal: Also helps alleviate menopausal symptoms.  Will reduce the pain of headaches from Type-A personalities who tend to get headaches when they can’t control a situation.

Black Opal: Very grounding.  Helps one to feel safe and calm. Known as a good luck stone. 

Pink Opal: Often referred to as the “stone of renewal,” it teaches self-love.  It helps the wearer to release old psychological patterns and open to new spiritual lessons. 

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  1. I had dreams about opal and then saw an Etsy add for it in my email inbox! I’m looking for something to enhance intuition and help my family through a sudden financial problem (I need the making money and keeping it quality right now lol). Any suggestions for the type of opal to seek?