Monday, July 16, 2012

I Hear You

Last week, I received a beautiful gift in the mail.  Someone sent me a card with a photo of the mailbox on the beach I shared with you all in my blog entry about facing fears.  I wrote that shortly before my surgery when I was trying to come to terms with all my fears and something about that mailbox with its prayers to God and messages of hope inside really spoke to me.

Someone, some wonderful person who reads this blog, anonymously sent me a card with a photo of that mailbox and inside were stamped the words I HEAR YOU.  I can't think of a better thing to have written, and it really makes me wonder -  isn't that all we need to know?  That someone has heard us, has been there with us through the ups and downs?  I once had a client, who was going through a painful divorce, say to me, "I just need someone to witness my pain so that years from now I won't think this was all a dream." I knew exactly what she meant.

Maybe that's why I write this blog.

Sometimes when I share a few tidbits about a reading with my husband, he'll say, "Wow, you really saw that?" And I'll think, yes, I did.  I am really talking to a person who is now deceased.  And it kind of scares me.  When you really think about it, it's pretty miraculous.  Some days, I look at the angry scar across my breast, and I have to remind myself that this really happened.  I had cancer.  Many times, I look at my family and think, Mike and I created this and it's really wonderful.  But most days, I'm just going through the days.  My moments are filled with reaching out to clients, playing with my kids, paying bills, trying to have an adult conversation at least once a day with Mike, trying to find time to read or meditate.  But it's really rare that I reflect on all these big moments in my life.  So to have someone send me that card.  I HEAR YOU.  Well, it meant the world.  It says to me that I matter, that my experiences, my joys and my pains, might possibly mean something to someone.  Isn't that all we want?  Oprah said that we're all simply seeking validation.  Maybe she's right.  But I'd like to think that what we're really seeking is connection -- the belief or hope that we're all connected, that we all matter to each other.  Everything we are and everything we experience effects those around us and because of that we have a purpose.

So to that lovely person who sent me that card: Thank you.  You made my day, my week, my summer. You've inspired many around me to send out their own cards to others which is great.  And, because my daughters and I went to that mailbox and sent up a prayer for a safe surgery, my daughters now believe that God has written me a card.  So thank you for giving those little girls something very tangible to hold onto with their faith.  I am sure it will see them through their own ups and downs in their futures.

I am feeling very grateful as I write this.  I love writing this blog and I love reaching out and connecting with all of you.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!


  1. We are every day angels, therefore God did write you a card through the angel that sent it to you.

    Love always,


  2. Samantha, what an angel on earth you are to me. This blog was exquisite!

  3. Oh how lovely, how amazingly and perfectly lovely