Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mercury is Retrograde

Wow, mercury is definitely retrograde.  Here's an overview of how it's wreaking havoc in my life:

1) My cell phone shuts down for about an hour whenever I read a text or try to reply to a text

2) My printer broke

3) My Reiki Master class had to be cancelled because 75 % of the attendees can no longer attend

4) A really fun event I was looking forward to this weekend has been cancelled

5) And then this:

Yesterday, I was at a bakery with my children picking up a cake for my father-in-law's birthday.  I was wearing a tank top with a tea length summer dress with spaghetti straps.  It's very 1950's looking -- nothing awry about it -- or so I thought.  An elderly lady walked up to me, patted my back and said to my children, "Girls you should tell your mother not to show her bra in public."  I was mortified!  A tank top is NOT a bra.  My children's eyes bulged and my temper fumed.  "This is not a bra," I explained.  "But thank you for your opinion."  Oh, how I love living in the pseudo proper South.

I also had a very old man cut me off on a major road and when I beeped my horn, he flipped me off -- for five minutes.  He literally drove in front of my with his hand out the window waving the bird at me.  For five minutes.  I only beeped my horn out of instinct.  I had to slam on my breaks, my five year old was thrown forward.  My groceries sloshed around in the back.  I mean, really?

Then we stopped at the bank, and another elderly lady comes up to my youngest and literally runs her fingers through her hair -- YIKES -- and says, "Look at all this curly hair.  I bet they hate it."

No lady, what we hate is random strangers feeling like they can touch us and then make passive aggressive comments about our hair.

What's with me and old people this week?  I am trying to respect you for living so long and all, but hey, help me out.  Make it easy for me to want to respect you.

I am praying that your first week with Mercury in Retrograde is going a whole lot better than mine.


  1. Im sorry to laugh at your posting but it did make me smile and laugh, especially the past about whats up with you and old people this week!

    Not sure if its because Im a Libra but I have been giddy all week and laughing at all the craziness right now in my own little bubble.

    As far as my State goes, Wisconsin, we have been experiencing a lot of flash mobs which is of course not good. People are really struggling on a larger scale.

    Peace to all!

  2. Laughing out loud in my office.......

    It is like a TV show :)

    Hope today is better!

  3. Yeah, it's been crazy around here, too. Internet, cable, & cell phones were all out all Monday morning, at home & work. That's Time Warner & Verizon. Then, I had a coaching client disappear from a call and couldn't get back in, but we have no idea what happened. Lots of weird phone stuff. And my computer is always a bit odd, but it's been even more peculiar. I'm definitely ready for this retrograde to redirect. Sorry you're surrounded by crazy old people.

  4. Love your post. I've been having major major technical difficulty too! cell phones...and my computer even somehow got stuck on the feature for blind people where is says everything I'm doing! How annoying!! I don't know how to get it to stop!!

    Now I can't even get this comment to Post! lol

  5. Glad I was able to give everyone a laugh. Hope you all have a great week! Remember, mercury goes direct in just a few weeks :)

  6. Sam, sorry for such a bizarre week! I love hearing your stories though! Registration was horrible this week! Just a random cluster. I won't go into it nut ask around and everyone will have a story for you. Watch out for drivers with road rage. A few weeks ago I had a woman point a gun at me from her car after tailgating me for miles. I was shocked! I called the police and they said you just never know who is next to you. The kids were in the car. Jos thought the gun was pointed at her. It was horrible. So glad you and the girls were not injured during your incident. The roads are crazy out there. Hang in there and thanks for sharing!

  7. Grrr! Just wrote a whole paragraph that was lost because I wasn't signed in to blogger. Grrr.

    Pluto in Capricorn is the old people connection, right now opposing Mars in Cancer. I am fighting electronics, too, so my heart goes out to you. And frustration/anger is the name of the game. Mars will be out of opposition in days, then a little bit will shift out of this Grand Cross. Thankfully. Mercury is almost at its retrograding end. Whew!!! :O)