Sunday, August 28, 2011

Crystal of the Week -- Unakite

Ack!  Those of you who listen to my show know that I discuss a crystal each week; this week I skipped that on the show in anticipation of our guest calling in -- Dr. Pamela Heath.  She wrote a book that I really enjoyed called Handbook to the Afterlife.  But she forgot to call in.  Oh my -- please don't listen to the episode if you normally download because this what you'll hear, "So, um, I guess Dr. Heath can't be with us tonight, so um here's what I would have asked her.  So . . ."

But, for all those who DID have the misfortune of hearing me live tonight and wanted to hear about the crystal of the week, here you go:

Unakite is known as the stone of birth and rebirth.  With its lovely soft green and dark pink colors, it helps us to grow in love.  Unakite is a combination of epidote and red jasper. Epidote comes from the Greek word epidosis which means "growing together."  Unakite helps our spiritual and physical selves to grow together.  It's also named after the mountain in North Carolina and Tennessee where it was originally found -- Unaka Mountain.  It's found in Zimbabwe and Switzerland.

Unakite helps us to release negativity and unforgiveness.  Holding or wearing unakite is especially helpful to people suffering from a long term illness as it nurtures the body and soul.  A gentle stone, unakite is probably best known for being helpful to pregnant woman and growing babies.  Unakite helps  the baby to grow healthy and strong in the womb.  It alleviates fear and tension surrounding the birth process -- making it an especially great gift for new moms.  I often make a bracelet with unakite beads and a St. Gerard medal because he's the saint of expectant mothers.  Don't ask me why a guy is the saint of expectant mothers.  I just know he's been assigned to help new moms, so I ask him to pitch in and help out whenever I make a unakite bracelet.

If you know someone who is prone to anger, give them a piece of unakite to wear or give them a unakite paper weight to keep near them on the desk or bedside end table as it will help calm their soul and nurture their heart so they're no longer prone to anger.  Unakite also works to increase self-confidence, and as we all know, deep insecurity is at the heart of all angry people.

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  1. I thought your podcast was excellent! You kept your head in a situation that would have left most people stuttering and upset. I learned a lot about various views of the afterlife, and am encouraged to read her book. I always look forward to listening every week, and I was not disappointed this week at all :)