Sunday, August 14, 2011

Crystal of the Week - Amber

Amber isn't really a crystal.  Rather, it's the fossilized resin of extinct pine trees.  It used to be called sap-stone.  It also used to be called electrum because it can be a source of static electricity.  It will attract small bits of paper to it when rubbed.  Often believed to be a stone of protection, Roman gladiators would hang Amber from their weapons and armor.  Amber is an ancient stone with many Greek, Roman and even Lithuanian myths surrounding it.  Amber was given as a gift in The Odyssey, and has been found in  Stone Age archeological sites and ancient burial chambers.

Amber is known as a protective stone of cleansing, purification and healing.   Just as a tree connects the earth with the sky, so too can Amber (tree resin) serve as a bridge for you, enabling you to make significant spiritual connections.  It's holds life force energy in it and will help to safely ground you and protect you along your spiritual journey.

When worn with turquoise, it's known to have calming effects and would work well to help calm anxious individuals.

It's a great stone to wear or carry when you're battling depression as it helps us to release our connection/reliance on superficial aspects of our sadness so we can focus instead on the lessons learned and the blessings that have ensued.

Because it's a second chakra stone, Amber works to increase your creativity and fertility.

It is known to be a good luck charm for people getting married.

Amber is believed to have the ability to draw out negativity and helps us heal both physically and emotionally.


  1. Does anyone know why various bugs fossilized in amber is a seemingly popular thing? Is there a story or larger meaning behind it? -Is it a good energy??

    Thank you!


    1. i'd say because of jurassic park, where he had the walking cane with the fossilized dinosaur dna in it

  2. I think it's just because the sap caught them and then eventually fossilized them. I'm not sure if they're good luck, but they are really cool to look at!