Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Say Yes

Today is Mother Mary's birthday, and in church today, Father Marco thanked Mary for saying yes to God. This got me thinking about all the things in my life I've said yes to . . . . and all the things I haven't said yes to.  What are you saying yes to in your life today?  And what are you saying no to or running from?

Many of the clients I see aren't saying yes or no -- they're just hiding.  The man having the affair is hiding from the fact that his marriage needs a lot of work.  The woman having the affair with that man is hiding from the fact that he's never leaving his wife.  The client who hates his job is hiding from the fact that he needs to look for a new job.  The woman who hasn't spoken to her sister in eighteen years is hiding from the fact that sometimes taking the higher road and offering forgiveness (even when unasked for) can be very healing.  The woman who's going from one sexually based relationship to the next without ever letting herself feel anything is hiding from the molestation in her childhood that's still haunting her.

Say yes to change.  Say yes to forgiveness.   And love.  And healing.  And truth.  And honesty.  Say yes to your dreams.  Your goals.  Your hidden visions of success.  Say yes to your life.  Say yes to you!

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