Friday, September 10, 2010

Making Crystal Sprays

Crystal Sprays are a wonderful way to cleanse, charge and enhance your energy.  You can make all different types of crystal sprays for a variety of reasons.  One of my favorite crystal sprays is a ROSE QUARTZ spray.  All you have to do is pour distilled water in a glass bowl, drop a rose quartz or two in the water and place this in the sun to charge for 4 – 6 hours.  Then pour this (including the rose quartz) into a spray bottle.  Hold the bottle in your hands and ask the water and the crystal to bring a loving vibration into everything it touches.  Feel free to add essential oils of your choosing. Then spray this in your home, your car, office, on plant and on yourself.

I make a spray that I call Angel Spray because I always ask the angels to add their own sparkle of love and light to each spray bottle.  I add frankincense, myrrh, lavender and different varieties of sage.  Then I add several crystals representing each of the seven chakras.  I also charge it with each of the Reiki symbols.  I use the spray to cleanse my office before and after each reading.  I use it to quickly cleanse my house when I don’t have time to sage it.  And I use it each morning with my daughters.  Right before we leave for school, I spray the Angel Spray all around them and ask their angels to fly ahead of them to ensure they have a safe and happy day.

Make your own spray today.  Pick out your crystals based on what kind of energy you’re focusing on.  For example:

Green Aventurine – Prosperity
Citrine – Success
Rhodocrosite – Forgiveness
Apophylite – Meditation
Black Tourmaline – Protection

Place it in a bowl filled with holy or distilled water.  Add essential oils.  Pray over the water and ask the stones, your guides and angels to bring their loving energy and vibration into the water and then add to your spray bottle.  Add a little vodka to make your spray bottle last a bit longer.  Don’t add rubbing alcohol; the smell will overpower everything! Experiment and have fun.  


  1. What do you mean..."make the spray bottle last longer"? Do you mean wear and tear on the bottle?

  2. Water can get a bit funky after awhile. If you add the alcohol, every stays clean.

  3. This is wonderful information, thank you :-)
    Love & light xx