Sunday, September 5, 2010

Creating Crystal Grids

Crystal grids are a fun and effective way to create and manifest with intention.  Listen to Deb Bowen and me live tonight on our radio show for more information on how to create a crystal grid to enhance your own health, career, family and love life.  Below are images of two grids in my home now.

The grid on the left is a prosperity grid made of eight green aventurine and citrine with a rose quartz in the middle.  A prosperity grid is made in the shape of an eight (for financial abundance) laid on its side (for infinity so you can continually manifest abundance).  The green aventurine brings you luck and good fortune, the citrine helps you manifest money with success and learn how to keep it.  The rose quartz in the middle helps you manifest money from love.  The grid on the right is my goal grid.  I've placed a rose quartz obelisk in the center with single terminated clear quarts in the north, south, east and west positions.  I've placed a variety of single terminated quartz between to facilitate the manifesting process.  I have labrodorite (clear vision), smokey quartz (absorbs negativity), black kyanite (to keep the goal grounded in reality), and petalite (to call on my angels for help).  The rose quartz is placed over my an affirmation card stating my goal in the present tense.


  1. Hi Samatha,

    For the infinity grid, where would one actually set it up and for how long? Do you have a special place were you place this grid. I was just thinking if it made sense to keep it in your money corner, like in Feng Shui. Also, do you have any suggestions on a crystal for protection while driving? I tend to become very anxious while driving on freeways and not to mention crazy drivers. Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  2. Samantha...what crystals would you use to grid a toddler's room when the child has been the victim of abuse and neglect. I would like to use rose quartz and clear quartz to enhance the feeling of love in the room, but I am not sure what stones I should use for her mental healing, feeling of security... or what else I should add into the equation.

  3. Hi All, Just saw these comments. Daxia -- The money/infinity grid I would place in the money corner of my home (farthest opposite right hand corner from your front door) or the kitchen. For driving, I would choose a garnet because it helps keep us safe on our travels. Aquamarine keeps us safe while traveling overseas.

    Karen, for a toddler dealing with those issues, I would recommend one or all of the following stones:

    rhodonite -- heart healer
    rhodocrosite -- encourages love and trust
    rose quartz -- loving vibrations
    smithsonite -- heals a fragmented childhood
    carnelian -- heals sexual abuse
    citrine -- increases confidence and self trust
    amethyst -- spiritual healer

    I'd also give her worry dolls that she can tell her worries to. Or buy her an angel that she can tell her problems to and tell her that the angel will fly to heaven while she's sleeping and bring her worries and fears there to be taken and healed. Hope this helps!