Sunday, April 25, 2010

Chakra 101

I'm getting ready to teach a beginner's chakra class with my friend and colleague Deb Bowen, so I thought I'd blog about it! I love studying the chakras and believe strongly that the chakras are the gateway to our intuition. Before each reading, I do a chakra meditation to open my seven main energy centers. It's how I ground, open and connect to the other side.

A bit of background for newbies: chakra is a sanskrit word that means "Wheel." Those lucky ones who can see chakras describe them as spinning wheels or disks. Starting at the base of the spine and moving up we have:

The Root Chakra: Base of Spine. Color is Red. Governs old family stuff, money issues and our feelings of being safe in the world.

The Sacral Chakra: A few inches below naval. Color is orange. Seat of fertility and creativity. This is also where we hold all our body issues.

Solar Plexus: Right above belly button. Cross your arms -- your arms rest protectively over your third chakra. Color is yellow. This is where we feel the world. Governs self-confidence, courage and clairsentience.

Heart Chakra: Center of chest. Color is green. This center is where we hold all our love, trust and forgiveness issues.

Throat Chakra: Base of throat. Color is sky blue. Governs our ability to communicate. Center of Clairaudience.

Third Eye: Center of forehead. Color is indigo. This is where we handle our control issues and work on our ability to trust our intuition. It's the seat of clairvoyance.

Crown Chakra: Top of head. Color is purple. This is our connection to our divine power, our higher self, and our spirituality and faith.

Our chakra wheels spin in the front of our body (where we receive energy) and in the back of our body (where we release energy). All day long we're receiving energy. Think of your chakras like seven filters. They filter out the energy -- ideally they keep the good and release the bad. But often some bad stuff gets stuck in there and muddies up that center which is why we need to continually balance and cleanse these centers. If we don't, the stuck energy will manifest as physical ailments. For example, if I have something to say to someone, but I don't I will get a sore throat.

If, for example, you're worried about money but you don't work on alleviating these fears through acceptance, affirmation, prayer and spiritual tithing, then you'll get lower back pain. Women who have been sexually abused and find it too painful to deal with this (second chakra), will often get lots of UTI's or endometriosis or develop an eating disorder. If you're a type A personality, this will create an unbalance in your third eye and cause painful headaches. Do you see how important these centers can be?

So, try this meditation. Try picturing these seven wheels or fans. I want you to picture seven fans running through the center of your body. Imagine a garden hose filled with white light. Go to your root chakra and see if there's any debris or dust on the red fan here. Turn the white light hose on and clean the fan. See it spinning beautiful and gleaming a beautiful ruby red. Then move up to your sacral and again see an orange fan. Clean it with the white light and see it glowing a beautiful, clean orange color. Continue with the rest of the chakras.

To open your chakras for meditation or intuitive work, picture seven windows or doors. Starting with the root chakra, imagine each one opening. See a red door opening and breathe in the color red. Move up to the sacral chakra and see an orange door opening and breathe in orange. And continue with the rest of the energy centers. Don't forget to close the chakras when you're done with your meditation. Start with the crown chakra and see a purple door closing, then move down to the brow or third eye chakra and see the indigo door closing. Continue down to the root chakra. We open from the bottom up and close from the top down.

If you do this chakra work with the appropriate crystals resting on the corresponding chakras, it will enhance this process.

James Van Pragh has a great CD called Tuning into Abundance that works with the chakras to help them increase your intuition. If you click here, you'll be linked to my site where I offer my own chakra cleansing and balancing CD. Doreen Virtue also has a good morning and evening chakra CD meditation that can be purchased on iTunes.

Begin a relationship with your chakras today. Your health, intuition and sense of connection will dramatically improve.


  1. Very interesting. Would you please consider posting your CD up on iTunes as well?

  2. Yes, I will definitely look into that. First, I have to learn how :)