Monday, April 19, 2010

Scary Stuff

In the last few weeks I've received a number of emails from intuitive students of mine who've been having scary nightmares. This is so common that I felt it garnered a blog topic. What I'm about to write may anger or confuse some out there who prefer to think of the world in terms that are, well, soft, pink and lovely. So, to you all who hate to read anything negative, I apologize. But here goes, I believe there is a light side and a dark side who are fighting -- over us -- constantly. I know the Course in Miracles and similar writings claim that only love is real and everything else is an illusion. I get that. But when my husband was shot in the line of duty, that was a real bullet that hit him. There was no love there, no illusion. When a client of mine was recently mugged downtown, that fear she felt was real, very real. Yes, when we get to the other side, all of those experiences might feel like a dream, an illusion, but while they're happening to us, they are very real indeed.

So, here's what I have to say to all of those out there trying to open up to your soul purpose, to listen to your intuition, to trust that inner voice: the dark side hates this. You scare them when you begin to awaken, and they will try to scare you away from the light. They do this in a variety of ways. You may have nightmares; you might encounter strict religious people who tell you what you're doing is sinful, wrong and against the bible. Loved ones and close friends may suddenly begin pulling away from you, doubting you and making harsh judgements about the books you're reading, classes you're taking. You may go through your own dark night of the soul where you begin to question and doubt many things about your own life, choices you made and didn't make. Most people return to what I like to call the Land of the Grays. You know, the people who just go through life with eyes half shut -- working, coming home, watching TV -- and never asking the important questions, never reaching out to meaningfully help others . . . just existing. The dark side loves the grays.

But when you cross over to the light and become a lightworker, they flip out. What you need to know is that what I described above -- the nightmares, the judgements, the fears -- will end. Once you make it clear to yourself and the world that you're a lightworker, that your life is dedicated to God, eventually they'll get the message and back off and move on to easier prey.

Know this too -- the light side is fighting for you too. Every time I was called to open up to my abilities, something frightened me away. But something -- God, my angels, my guides -- always called me back. Eventually, I garnered the strength to push through all that mumbo jumbo and claim my rightful path. The dark side still tries now and again. They'll throw an angry skeptic across my path, have someone tell me I'm a bad person for communicating with the other side, but that's all they can do. Once you firmly declare what side you've chosen, you have their protection and strength to draw on.

So please, if you feel called to open up to your intuition, don't be afraid. Every time I've asked God for advice, a sign, a feeling of His presence, I've always felt that support instantly. Be a lightworker, take the focus off yourself and place it on helping others by serving the light side.

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