Tuesday, April 2, 2013

What's In a Name?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could tell everything about a person just by their first name?  Wouldn’t you love to know the best way to approach your boss about a raise or handle that cantankerous co-worker?  Well, with the power of numerology, you can.  All you have to know is the person’s first name and – more specifically – the first vowel of their name.  This will give you insight into what motivates that person.  Read on to learn how knowing the meaning of just 6 letters can you give you amazing insight into everyone you meet.

A's vibrate to the number 1.  Examples include Mary, Jane, Sandra and Gary.  A's are natural born leaders.  They like to be number 1.  They are ambitious, hardworking and very self-critical.  They need to be in charge, and they need to be told they’re doing a good job – often.  Positive reinforcement is a great way to handle A energy.  If you are working on a project with an A energy, let them take the lead.  It will be easier, trust me.  It’s not worth it to compete with an A.  They play to win. If you compliment an A, they will do amazing work.  If you criticize an A, they will rebel strongly.  

A’s are trustworthy, hardworking and success oriented.  They work well as entrepreneurs too.  If you have an A working for you, make sure to compliment them, give them specific tasks to be in charge of, and feel comfortable letting them work on their own.  They will do a great job.

If you want to know more about A energy, think about the name of our country.  America is an A energy.  We value independence, we love freedom and we are the leader of the free world.

If you meet someone who’s first vowel in their name is E (such as Dean, Jennifer and Sean), ask them if they’ve traveled lately.  E's love to escape, travel and have new adventures. E's crave freedom and independence.  They don’t like being told what to do and will resist conforming.  The best way to approach these people is to let them march to their own drummer.  They will work best when given the opportunity to work on their own.  They love change, travel and shaking things up. If there's drama at the work place, you can be sure E is at the center of it.  The negative side of E is that some of them like to start trouble and tend to be gossipy. 

E’s love beauty and magic and creativity.  They love people and enjoy learning their life stories. They are like little detectives and will insist on getting to the heart of any mystery – no matter how small.  If you want to know about something going on in an office, ask an E.  They will be sure to know.  Because E’s are so bright and positive, they tend to attract negative people to them.  E’s need to make sure they only allow positive people into their inner circle. 

Similar to E energy, I's love to help people.  They are the humanitarians of the group. Examples of I energy include Bill, Mike, Rita, and Cindy.  I’s often have issues from their childhood that they’re still healing from.  They will often feel a sense of responsibility for one parent in particular.  Many I’s were abused as children, adopted or lost a parent early on. 

I’s are great leaders.  If you have an I energy as a boss, you’re in good hands.  They work well with others.  I’s are fair, even tempered and sociable.  They enjoy helping others and will do best in service-oriented or healing professions. 

The parents of the group are the O's. When you meet an O, ask them if they have children.  O’s love to take care of others and are very family oriented.  If they don’t have children, then they probably have pets that are like children to them.  O's work better on their own or as the boss.  They don’t like being told what to do.  Examples of O's include John, Rose, Tonya and Bob.

O's enjoy being in charge and taking care of things.  People working with an O tend to assume the O will handle everything, leaving the O feeling as though they’re in a thankless position.  Co-workers will often be heard saying, “Ask O.  She can handle that.”  Because O’s love to take care of others, they need to remember to take care of themselves, or they can feel burnt out and tired. 

O’s work really well as business owners, entrepreneurs and supervisors.

If you need a good laugh, seek out a U. They are the comedians of the letters.   Examples of U’s are Judy, Lucy, Justin and Kurt. U’s have a great sense of humor and love to make people feel happy.  U’s are very creative, fun and animated.  They tell great stories and will often exaggerate the truth just to make the story better.  U’s are the performers of the world.  They have a lot of creative energy and need to remember that they release stress through creative outlets. They are very spontaneous and think quickly on their feet.

U’s can have extreme energy: when they’re happy, they feel amazing, but when they’re sad, they can get very down. U’s give great advice and make wonderful counselors.

In numerology, when a Y is between two consonants, it’s considered a vowel.  Examples of Y’s include Gwyneth, Lynn, Tyrone, and Myra.  Y’s are the seekers of the group.  They like to work alone and need lots of solitude to recharge their batteries.  Y’s have strong opinions about issues and won’t easily change their mind.  Y’s don’t like to reveal too much about themselves.  They tend to be secretive and hold grudges for long periods of time.  Y’s love nature, especially the ocean.  They are very intelligent and can easily hold their own in arguments.  Y’s are very intuitive and are often spiritual.  If Y’s don’t have faith in a higher power, they will feel lost and disconnected. 

So now you have a quick and easy way to know how to handle the people you encounter.  If the first vowel in their name is an A, you know they need to take charge.  They make great leaders and tend to be very successful.  E’s need freedom, adventure, change and the chance to work on their own.  I’s make great bosses and are happiest when their job is helping others.  O’s are the parents.  They love to care take and nurture everyone else.  They make good bosses, entrepreneurs, and business owners.  U’s are funny, fun-loving and creative.  Just stay clear of them when they’re in a bad mood. Y’s are quiet, intelligent and prefer to work alone.  They like to keep their private life private but inside they tend to be deep thinkers and spiritual seekers. 


  1. My first vowel of my name is "O" and you are spot on target!

    I have animals and they are definitely my "kids". =) I'm also a business owner/entrepreneur (body, mind and spirit counselor) and prefer working alone.

    Awesome blogpost!

  2. Hi Samantha,
    I can't even begin to tell you how your and Deb's podcast has impacted my life and helped me feel connected not only to my psychic abilities, but to others with these abilities. I discovered I was a psychic intuitive, empath, and clairaudient when I was very young, but spent most of my life denying these abilities. A decade ago, I moved to the mountains to allow myself the space to safely reconnect with my psychic self, and to embrace and learn how to use these abilities. Being without a teacher, this has proven difficult at times, especially when I became a mother of two psychic children...it can be challenging to differentiate what is "mine" and what is "theirs". The 3 of us have been listening to your podcast in the car and at home...so much that my 6 year old often asks, "Mom, are we listening to the Psychic Teachers AGAIN?" You and Deb have such a wonderfully clear, down-to-earth, open-minded way of conveying these teachings that both me and my kids can easily learn from. I just purchased your Psychic Protection telecourse and will be listening to it with my children to help us all have greater control of our abilities. Being able to close the intuition and shield from empathy so as to not loose ourselves in the information we are psychically receiving will greatly help me and my children deal with the world in a more empowered way.
    Keep the wisdom flowing...much love and light to you and yours :)

  3. The first vowel in my name is an E and the description for it, is exactly who I am.