Sunday, January 6, 2013

Crystal of the Week: Peridot

Peridot, with its lovely lime green color, helps to remind us that when we have too little green in our life (lack of abundance), we can feel worried and anxious.  But when we have too much green (green with envy), we experience fear and low self-esteem.  

Often referred to as the Stone of Balance, wearing this stone will help absorb any feelings of guilt, regret or remorse as it gently helps you to forgive yourself.

If you’re going through a transition in your life, Peridot will help you face it with renewed strength and a sense of hopeful optimism.  Peridot works wonders to release feelings of anger, jealousy and depression. When set in gold, it can help to increase your confidence and absorb any sadness in your energy.

With its warm, sunny energy, Peridot can help you reach out to meet new people in your life.  It helps you to shed any old baggage and embrace new people, new goals and new opportunities. The lovely green stone is a powerful heart healer, so if you’re experiencing a heartache in your life, try wearing a Peridot necklace and soon you’ll start to feel stronger, happier and more hopeful.

Known to get things moving, this gem will help you to move forward with your goals and to take action when needed.  This is also why it’s recommended for woman to hold why they’re in labor because it’s said to help encourage the birthing process.

Peridot helps heal the healer, so it would make a great gift for a doctor, nurse, counselor or massage therapist –anyone who works in a healing capacity.

It’s a very protective stone and will help protect you from taking on the emotions of any negative or angry people around you.  The yellow in the stone increases your confidence and the green opens your heart to grow in love, so the combination helps shield you from the influences of negative people around you.

If you know someone who deals with fluctuating moods, give them a piece of Peridot because it will help them to balance their moods and feel calmer.  Newly purchased crystals take about two weeks to work with your energy, so it’s best to wear or carry the crystal with you wherever you go.  If you’ve been around a lot of negative people or feel a bit negative yourself, be sure to cleanse the crystal by holding it under running water and intending all the negativity the stone has absorbed for you to run down the drain away from the stone and you. 

This stone is best for people who are feeling stuck and need to move forward in their life because Peridot helps us to finally realize our life’s purpose – why we’re here – and gives us the courage we need to fulfill that purpose.

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