Sunday, December 30, 2012

Crystal of the Week: Cavansite

First discovered in India in 1988, this bright blue stone is an amazingly hard worker.  Called the "Stone of the Spiritual Healer," Cavansite will shield the healer during sessions.  It assists those working with Reiki and other spiritually healing modalities.  It can be used to ask that a disease or illness in remission does not return.  It's a great stone to teach acceptance and is known to help children accept any disabilities they may be facing.

When used with meditation, Cavansite will help stimulate astral travel and past life recall.  When placed on the third eye, it will enhance clairvoyance.  When placed on the throat, it will enhance clairaudiance.

Psychologically, this stone brings joy as it works to increase one's endorphins.

It's a great stone for mediums as it encourages one to step aside and speak spiritual truths without any self-doubt.

Because of its beautiful blue color, it's connected to the throat chakra and communication making it a wonderful stone for writers and teachers.

As a stone of spiritual guidance and healing, Cavansite assists one who is breaking through to the next level of their spiritual development.  It helps connect us with our guides and teachers.  Working with the heart, it aids clear, honest communication.

Emotionally, Cavansite increases our optimism and happiness.  It sparkles just like the night stars reminding us that we do have a divine light deep within us and that's its our right and our true purpose to shine on and share our light.

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