Sunday, December 2, 2012

Crystal of the Week: Topaz

Topaz comes from the word “topazin” meaning “to seek.”  Known as the “Stone of True Love,” Topaz will help you seek and find love.  It’s a joyful stone that balances emotions and helps the wearer see the bigger picture.

Topaz is said to possess its own inner light and the stone will work to share this light with the wearer.  It imparts feelings of joy, empathy and generosity.  It’s a mellow, calming stone that will encourage forgiveness and acceptance. 

Topaz has a long and rich history for treating ailments and bringing good fortune.  St. Hildegard used Topaz dipped in wine to treat eye disorders.  Doctors also used Topaz elixirs during the Plague.  This beautiful stone has long been associated with the wealthy who would often wear topaz engraved with a falcon to attract more financial abundance. 

These days, Topaz is known to help to balance your emotions and open your heart to love and happiness.

If you’re trying to complete a goal and are finding it difficult to find the energy and self-esteem to see it to fruition, wearing Topaz will give you the motivation and inner resources to achieve your goal with success and speed.

While Topaz comes in a variety of hues, the two most popular and easy to find are yellow and blue. 

YELLOW TOPAZ: November’s birthstone will help you manifest your intentions and bring about positive change in your life.  It helps keep you in alignment with your true purpose.  The happy, positive energy of this stone helps attract new friends and opportunities.  Sometimes called Golden Topaz, this stone is also very healing – especially for stomach ailments.  It works to open your heart to love as it allows you to forgive and trust the process of life.  Golden Topaz will strengthen your faith.  Wear this stone when you’re feeling overstressed and irritable because it will help to calm you and instill deep inner peace and serenity instead. 

BLUE TOPAZ: December’s birthstone is a stone of clear and honest communication.  It’s a balancing stone and will bring the body, mind and spirit into alignment.   Blue Topaz is a stone of leadership that helps you take charge of your life. This is the stone to wear if you have a speaking engagement or important meeting coming up because it helps you to speak clearly and effectively.  Meditating with Blue Topaz enables you to discover the right career path for your highest potential.  It helps you to see where you’ve gone off path and recognize patterns in your life. Often called “the Writer’s Stone,” Blue Topaz will help break up writer’s block while enhancing your creativity.  Wearing Blue Topaz increases your psychic ability.  Blue Topaz brings in angelic energy and helps you connect with your angel for more joy and love in your life.

Wearing Topaz will work hard to increase your self-esteem and courage teaching you to truly believe that you deserve love, happiness, health and success.

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