Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Doubting Psychic

It happened again.  Just this morning.  I couldn't make a connection with a client and her loved ones in heaven.  Nothing came through.  Well, that's not true.  A few things did come through -- none of which were validated by my client.  In my years of doing readings this has happened to me twice.  Now I can say it's happened three times.

I hate it when this happens.  My client was understandably upset.  I stopped the reading 15 minutes in and said, "I am so sorry but I can't make a significant connection and I don't want to waste your time.  Can I please mail your payment back to you?"  I felt just terrible.  I tried to explain that this had nothing to do with her or her loved ones in heaven who were trying to link in with me.

I wish I could explain to her, to myself, why this happened.  But I can't.  My reading before hers went great and my reading after hers went very well too.  I have no idea why this happens.  I just know that it does.  Thankfully it's not often.

So why am I sharing this sad story with you?  For two reasons.  One, to let you know that if you get a reading with a medium and they can't make a connection with you, please don't take it personally.  I know my client today had family members that wanted to talk to her.  The problem was with me -- not them and not her.  Our loved ones in heaven always want to talk with us.  But the medium has to be perfectly on.  I have to be aligned physically, mentally and spiritually.  The other reason why I'm sharing this is to inspire all you budding intuitives out there who sometimes get a miss and then feel as though you should throw in the towel and stop trying to do this work.  I believe this happens to all of us and who knows why?  Maybe our energies just didn't align.  I don't know, but it happened.  And unfortunately, it will probably happen again. Does that mean I'm going to stop doing readings?  No.

The Scottish medium Gordon Smith tells a story in his lectures of a woman in his development class who stopped doing readings for six years because once she couldn't make a connection with a client.  Six years.  I know how this woman feels.  The first time I couldn't connect with a client, I did throw in the towel.  I stopped doing readings for three months.

Doing this work can be difficult.  It pulls on your energy; it's very emotional and personal.  The messages are sometimes spot on; other times a bit vague.  Sometimes a spirit comes through so strongly, I feel like offering them a cup of tea.  Other times, it's like I'm mud diving in the Cape Fear River.  I can make out the message but it's pretty vague.  I never know why it works so easily and why other times it's so hard.

But it's also very meaningful work.  I've had non-believers write to tell me that they are now considering believing in God.  I've been able to make wonderful connections for parents who've lost their children and give them the assurance that their child is happy and safe in heaven.  I've been able to pass on lovely messages of forgiveness and gratitude from parents to their adult children.  So I will keep on keeping on.

However, I will always be honest about my work with you all.  I want people to know that this isn't science.  It can't be measured or proven.  You have to believe in it and in yourself.  Once that happens, anything really is possible.  So if some of you out there are reading this and you think you're intuitive but maybe you've had a few misses lately, please keep on keeping on.  I hope you take this blog post as a sign that being intuitive is our God given right.  It's our safety net in scary times, our compass in troubling times and our connection with our higher power in all times.


  1. I loved this post Samantha!!!! I have been struggling with my own doubts, though I am very budding and have never actually tried to sit down and read someone. I have moments of wide open moments, and others where I doubt there was ever anything at all. I can say that my reading with you was so amazing and validating. Honestly one of the best readings I have ever had, if not the best. You were amazing, and it was healing beyond belief. Thank you for posting this.

  2. Thank you Samantha I hope you can continue writing more posts on development to help budding intuitives misses Are hard and navigating the ego self is something everyone should be aware of.