Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Clear Quartz Shapes

Clear quartz comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, so I thought it would be fun to give a quick overview of some of the varieties of quartz you might encounter and what they can do for you.

Abundance Crystals:  These are large quartz with an abundance of smaller crystals at the base.  This shape helps you manifest more money into your life.  Keep them around your desk at work, place in the kitchen or in your money corner.

Crystal Clusters:  This shape features a lot of crystals clustered or grouped together, so they help groups to work as a team.  It's a great idea to have a crystal cluster at work and at home.  Place it on your desk or in the conference room.  At home, place one in the kitchen, living room or relationship corner of your home.

Bridge Crystals:  These crystals feature a smaller crystal penetrating through a larger crystal.  Bridge crystals help you access the other side for connections with your loved ones as they act as a bridge through meditation.

Channeling Crystals:  If you have a clear quartz crystal with at least one seven-sided face on one side and triangle on the other, then you have a channeling crystal.  They are great stones for meditation and work wonderfully for writers and musicians to help them channel information for their creative pieces.

Dolphin Crystals:  Dolphin crystals feature a large crystal with smaller stones growing up the sides of the larger stones.  They represent nurturing and unconditional love.  They will help your relationship with younger children to grow and flourish.

Rainbow Crystals: These clear quartz stone have a rainbow prism inside them and hold the energy of hope, joy, optimism and forgiveness.

Record Keepers:  These crystals have small triangular marks on at least one side of the stone.  Each triangle is associated with a lesson the holder needs to learn.

Scepter Crystals:  These crystals actually look like scepters with a long, thin base and wider head.  They are to be used when you need to feel powerful and in control of a situation.

There are dozens more crystal shapes I could discuss here, so for more information check out these books:


  1. Thank you so much for clarifying these with pictures. I need to "see" them to learn them. Having this is gonna really help me find the one for me.
    Again (I'm sure in the past blogs you have listed) do you have any online stores you can recommend to us?

  2. with different shapes crstals we use for making different things. Quartz Crystal Points