Sunday, November 25, 2012

Crystal of the Week: Green Quartz

Green Quartz works to open, balance and heal the heart chakra.  It transmutes negative energy into positive energy which makes it a great stone to have in your home or office.  Green quartz will increase your creativity, prosperity, abundance and success.  It helps to balance emotions and is wonderful for psychic healing.  It enhances psychic ability.  Green quartz is also recommended for students as it helps them retain the information they studied.

Green quartz is a gentle healer and helps to enhance one's spirituality making it a great stone for meditation.

Physically, it's said to balance the endocrine system.

As it's known to work as a stone of prosperity and abundance, Green Quartz can be used in prosperity grids.  Keep one in your wallet to assure abundance in your life or place one with your check books.  If your bills feel out of control, place a Green Quartz with your bills to help balance the energy and absorb any fears those bills can cause.

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