Sunday, January 16, 2011

Feng Shui For 2011

I love the idea of Feng Shui -- that everything, even furniture and books and  mirrors, holds energy. Feng Shui means "wind" and "water" and has been practiced for over 5,000 years.  The objective of Feng Shui is to find balance in your home.  I was first introduced to Feng Shui in 1986.  My dad had been asked to take over a struggling marketing department for a large advertising company in Manhattan.  As part of the deal, he was given a substantial budget to redecorate and got called into the board after they discovered he'd spent most of the money on Feng Shui planners.  But dad got the last laugh when, by the end of the year, he'd turned the department around and made it the most successful it had ever been.  Was that a result of the new plants and water fountains or his hard work and dedication?  If you ask him, he'll say it was both.

Here are some simple Feng Shui tips everyone should follow to maintain harmony in their home:

1) Keep your house clean and uncluttered at all times
2) Tie red ribbons around all pipes under sinks, behind washers and water heaters to ensure that the good, positive energy doesn't leave your home
3) Keep the toilet and washer/dryer lids closed at all times when not in use to prevent good energy from leaking out your home.
4) Keep all bathroom doors shut
5)Do not have a mirror facing your bed
6) Tie red ribbons around the base of your bed to ensure it's rooted in passion and stability
7) Put a mirror or reflective object behind your stove top to reflect and double your good fortune.  In Feng Shui the kitchen is the hearth of the home and is central to good energy flow.
8) Hang a crystal from ceiling fans to disperse the fans' disruptive energy.
9) Have good plants in main rooms.  Good plants are evergreens like bamboo and jade.  Avoid negative plants such as cacti.
10) Open all blinds and curtains during the day to let the light in and allow good energy to flow.
11) Make sure the entrance to your home is clearly marked and looks welcoming.  A red door attracts positive chi.  Fresh flowers flanking the door and a welcoming mat help too.  Make sure your front door is freshly painted, opens easily and doesn't squeak.
12) A bowl of fresh fruit maintains good energy in the kitchen.  But do not have dying fruit, flowers or plants in your home.  Pull off all dead leaves from plants.

This is just a brief start.  I'll post more Feng Shui tips as time allows.  The topic is broad and ranges across many disciplines, but some of the concepts are basic and common sense.  Check out my website and click on Recommended Reading for some of my favorite Feng Shui books.

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