Monday, November 15, 2010

Mystical Experience

I shared this story on Sunday night's radio show, but I thought I'd blog about it too.  I can't stop thinking about this amazing experience I had at church this weekend.  As I was kneeling and watching our priest prepare the Eucharist, I kept seeing something spinning out of the corner of my right eye.  It looked like there was something or someone hovering by the ceiling of my church, but every time I turned up to face it directly, I saw nothing but the ceiling.   This happened three times.  I was sure the people seated around me were beginning to think I was nuts, so I stopped looking up at the ceiling.  Then I felt this cool, tingling sensation run throughout my body.  It was almost as though someone were pouring cold water down my veins.  But it felt really great -- very alive and refreshing.  At the same time, I smelled this wonderful aroma of newness, innocence.  The closest smell I can relate it to would be baby powder.  And then I saw these drops of pure light, so bright that it looked like drops of pure silver, falling into people's heads.  Just one drop per person.  It was amazing.  I really don't have words for it, and I'm completely aware that I'm doing a horrible job of explaining this experience.  But I got the sense that we were all being prepared spiritually for the Eucharist.  I felt as though some type of amazing cleansing was taking place, and I had a sense of knowing that this occurs every week, that just as we need to shower every day we also need to cleanse our souls.

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