Sunday, August 8, 2010

Calling All Lightworkers

I spoke tonight on the PsychicTeachers radio show about a wonderful man I met this morning at church.  We had a visiting priest speak to us about his ministry.  He'd started churches in Mexico and Honduras, but when he was asked to do the same in Haiti, he was dismayed by what he found there.  The orphanage was crowded with children in need of medical help.  But when Father Rick asked members of the medical community to assist him repeatedly and received no help, he went back to America and earned his medical degree.  Now he could serve the people of Haiti as a priest and a doctor.  He built a pediatric hospital in Haiti only to see it destroyed a decade later in the earthquake.   He talked about how his only goal is to be a  light for the world -- to let God's light shine through him.  He called on us to light the world around us as well.  And so I'd like to ask you, dear blog readers, to take on the challenge as well.

This week, how can you be a lightworker to those around you?  Could you bring a meal to a new mom?  Or drive an elderly neighbor to the grocery store? Maybe you could drop off some pet food at the local shelter.  Or extend an apology to a family member.  Maybe you will feel ready to forgive a friend who hurt you.  Whatever you choose to do, please share it here and inspire others.  Help us to light the world one person at a time.

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