Sunday, January 22, 2017


Crystals are energy amplifiers. We’ve used them for years in computer chips, radios and watches. They are used in lasers, optics, ultrasound systems, televisions and much more. But you can also use crystals in your own life to assist you with love, goals, healing, abundance, and psychic powers. There are several crystals you can turn to that will help you open your psychic abilities. Once we’re tuned into our intuitive self, life seems to flow better. We find ourselves making positive decisions, understanding people around us better and following that still, small voice inside of us to a happier life.

Labradorite. This deeply mystical stone is very protective. It shields us from taking on other people’s “stuff” while lifting our energetic vibrations so we can receive messages from our guides on the other side. It brings more light into your aura, seals any holes in your energetic fields, and gently opens the third eye. It helps to eradicate fears connected to opening up to our psychic abilities. It’s a great stone for empaths as it protects you from taking on the emotions of others. Place on your third eye while meditating and wear as a pendant.

Azurite. This vibrant blue stone opens psychic abilities and develops one’s intuition. It cleanses the third eye and releases deeply imbedded blockages to developing your gifts such as past life blocks, fears of what other people will think and religious fears. Azurite also works to clear worry and fear replacing it instead with a feeling of calm and gentle self-expression. Wear as a ring or bracelet on your right hand, position over the third eye or wear as a pendant.

Shattuckite. This highly spiritual stone awakens the third eye and throat chakra thus stimulating our clairvoyance and clairaudience. It’s a highly protective stone – especially for people who channel and astral travel. It increases psychic abilities such as telepathy and mediumship. Wear as a pendant or place over your third eye for maximum benefits.

Lapis Lazuli. In addition to opening your third eye, Lapis also helps to stimulate your dream life helping you to receive guidance and communication while you’re sleeping. It’s a very protective stone that enables you to link in with your highest spirit guides. It’s been worn throughout the ages as a protective amulet against curses and ill-wishes. Lapis helps you to take charge of your life. It gently increases self-expression, helping you to set healthy boundaries. Wear of place at the throat or third eye. It’s also helpful when positioned over the crown chakra in meditation.

When you are working to awaken your psychic abilities, be patient and consistent. Given time and continued effort, you will see results that will enhance your life. These crystals can help you along this road of self-discovery. In addition, read books on psychic development, grounding techniques and psychic protection.

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  1. What a wonderful post! I have been working with labradorite a lot lately, actually. Just came across your blog and I love it so much. Keep up the great work!