Monday, January 23, 2017

4 Things You Can Do Today to Help Your Intuitive Child Flouris

If your child is intuitive, you probably already know it.  Intuitive children often have night terrors.  They complain of seeing scary things in their room at night such as shadow people, the “smelly man” or “hat man.” They will feel instinctively comfortable with some people and instantly shy or cautious around others.  Intuitive children tend to be creative, empathic, and gentle.  They are connected to nature and animals.  Your child might talk about seeing lights or colors around people.  They might have dreams that later come true or see deceased family members.  For many parents, this is all very scary.  However, there are some concrete steps you can take right now to help your intuitive child embrace these gifts and use them when they’re ready to help make the world a better place.

1) Validate Your Child.  It’s very important to believe your child when he says something scary is in the room or she tells you that the man next door gives her the creeps.  Kids need to know that you’re a safe place to turn to when they experience these intuitive insights.  Don’t tell them it’s their imagination or they were just dreaming.  Listen to them and validate their concerns.  “Wow, that was a scary dream.  Could you draw it for me and we can talk about it?” Or try saying, “I used to see scary things in my room when I was a child too.  Would you like to try sleeping with a night light?” Encourage your child to keep a dream journal to write or draw in.  Tell them that this is all a normal part of growing up.  The one thing kids are afraid of is feeling or being different.  So make sure they know that their feelings, visions and dreams are perfectly normal.

2) Empower Your Child.  When we’re scared, we feel powerless. If your child is experiencing night terrors or seeing scary things in their room at night, help them to feel less afraid by giving them so control over the situation.   You can buy or make a protective spray to clear the room of negativity.  Simply add lavender, sage, frankincense, and myrrh essential oils to a bottle of water.  Add a pinch of salt and have your child spray the room at night when they’re feeling afraid.  Lavender is calming, sage is protective and frankincense and myrrh are ancient oils of protection and healing.  You can give your child a protective statue that resonates with your belief system.  Archangel Michael is very protective for children.  You can give your child a nightlight or flashlight to use when they’re scared.

3) Teach Your Child Grounding Techniques.  Sensitive children are constantly picking up the emotions of others around them.  This can leave them feeling a bit spacey.  When they learn to ground their energy, they will have more control over their own feelings and emotions.  Make sure your child gets to play outside at least 20 minutes a day.  Encourage them to walk around the house barefooted.  Ask them to help you plant a garden.  Make sure they drink plenty of water.  Put a plant or a fish bowl in their room.  Plants and fish are wonderful at absorbing excess energy.  A water fountain in the bedroom can be very soothing at night too.  Some of the best ways for a child to ground and cleanse their energy are to jump and twirl.  So have your child do jumping jacks, get out on the trampoline, twirl and dance.  Karate is also a great extracurricular activity for intuitive children because it teaches them grounding and focusing techniques.

4) Teach Your Child About Colors.  The power of colors is immensely helpful to an intuitive person.  Black absorbs negativity; pink encourages love and happiness.  Yellow inspires confidence and a sunny disposition.  Green is healing while blue is calming.  White is the color of protection.  You can do fun exercises with your child to help them learn to work with colors.  On the way to school, have them imagine jumping into a white fluffy cloud. Tell them that this color will protect them throughout the day.  If they have a test at school, have them imagine standing in the center of the sun.  Have them breathe in the warm, golden yellow color and tell them that this will give them the confidence needed to excel.  If a classmate is being a bit mean, have your child imagine wrapping that friend in pink cotton candy.  This will calm their friend’s energy down and help them to be nicer.

More and more intuitive souls are incarnating than ever before.  As the parent of an intuitive, it can often feel scary.  Many parents feel at their wit’s end when dealing with their intuitive child.  But the strategies mentioned here can and will help.  Intuitives are like psychic sponges.  They pick up the emotions of others throughout their day.  As we grow up, we learn to deal with this.  But children are often confused and scared by this influx of emotions.  Empower your child by teaching them these strategies.  Encourage them to take a salt bath once a week to cleanse their auric field.  Simply add a cup of Epsom salt to a ½ cup of baking soda and a ½ cup of salt.  Pour into a running bath and have your child bathe in the salt water for at least 15 minutes.  There are wonderful books on parenting your intuitive child too.  Remember that your child is gifted with a  beautiful talent and ability to feel on a deeper level than his or her peers.  Teach them to accept and nurture this gift and you will help them to heal our world when they’re ready.

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