Friday, March 2, 2012

Ask and You Shall Receive

During a reading this morning, a father came through to his daughter with this message: I've been trying to help you through this difficult time, but you won't let me!  Be open to help.  Don't try to do this on your own.

This is something I often hear from our loved ones on the other side.  They want to help us; they really, really do.  And they can.  But first you must ask.

God gives us all free will.  If you want help; you have to ask for it.  You have to give your loved ones in heaven permission to help you.  Once they receive permission, then they can do A LOT for you.  Like what? You may be thinking.

Well, I've seen deceased loved ones take credit for preventing accidents, overdoses, sexual assaults and financial difficulties.  They often take credit for matchmaking and helping us to get job, raises and promotions.  How?  That, I'm not so clear on.  Here's what I do know.  Our deceased loved ones are energy now -- pure and simple energy.  Thoughts are energy too.  They can use their energy to infiltrate thoughts.  So, for example, while your future boss is reviewing resumes and trying to decide which candidate he should hire, your mom in heaven can put the thought into his head that you would be the ideal candidate.  If your future spouse is going to be at a party on Saturday night, you grandfather can put the thought into your head that you should really, really go to that party.

Now, we too have free will, so you can see that there are a lot of variables.  You might resist the persistent thought to go to the party and choose to stay home instead.  That's okay.  I remember a reading once where a mom said it took her several attempts to get her daughter to meet her future husband.  The daughter laughed and said, "Yes, people tried to set us up three times but it never worked, and then we just bumped into each other at a New Year's Eve party.  It was weird, meant to be, I guess."  I told her it was more the doing of her mom and she should be happy that her mom is so pushy.  That's the downside to having shy, quiet deceased relatives. They're not going to really move mountains for you unfortunately because, as I've said before, we don't change our personality over there.  If your grandfather was quiet and shy and kept to himself, he probably won't be much help to you.  But if your aunt was loud and funny and outgoing, you can go to her with your request.  She will raise a riot of pressure with your guides until her request is heard.

I'm sure by now you're thinking, "What about destiny? Can our relatives mess with destiny?" No, they can't.  But I don't think destiny is as specific as we think it is.  If you're supposed to learn how to overcome romantic loss through betrayal, that could occur with the person you date in your 20's rather than the person you marry and have children with in your 30's.  It would be easier to experience that in your 20's, so a relative on the other side can help with that.

Or, let's say that it's your destiny to lose your partner to a tragic death and you're slated to grieve for one year.  But now it's been 18 months and you still can't see past the fog that's become your life.  While your loved one in heaven couldn't help with the tragic passing, they can help you to get through it by sending you the right people, books and resources to help you overcome this.  And if you've moved beyond grief to depression, your loved ones in heaven have the right to petition for some really great things to happen to you to help you get through this.  IF you're open to it.  You have to be open to receiving help.

I hope this post makes sense because this is really important to understand.  We aren't alone here on earth.  We don't have to go through our difficult times alone.  We do have to go through difficult times.  That's a given.  I mean, it's why we're here.  Picture a wall leading to heaven.  All of us are on this wall at varying stages trying to climb our way to enlightenment, to total knowledge of God.  Some of us are at or near the bottom, others are securely in the middle and some are almost there. It's a hard climb, but it's an important one.  We have help from those around us, but we also have help from those who have already made it.  Ask them to throw you a rope when you need it and be ready to catch it.  You'll see amazing and beautiful changes in your life if you do.

Happy Friday!

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