Sunday, February 12, 2012

Crystal of the Week: Lemurian Seed Crystals

Some people believe that an ancient land of people existed before and during the time of the Atlanteans called The Lemurians.  There are stories of these people living in the Southern Pacific.  The Lemurians were highly evolved both spiritually and intellectually.  When the Atlanteans advanced, the Lemurians knew that they're love and dependence on technology would eventually destroy themselves and the Lemurians.  It's said that they encoded what knowledge they held in crystals and buried them.  Today, these stones are found in Brazil and Australia. It's believed that the Lemurians lived between 4, 500, 000 BC and 12, 000 BC.  For more information on Lemuria and Atlantis, read Edgar Cayce's works.

The Lemurian Seed Crystals are said to be programmed with highly advanced spiritual information and are attuned to a high vibration of love.  Lemurians have horizontal lines etched along the sides.  As you meditate with the stone and rub your finger along the lines, the information is unlocked and programmed into your subconscious.  Judy Hall calls Lemurian Seed Crystals "Tools of the Lightworker." Working with a Lemurian Seed Crystal helps remind you that we are all connected.  Lemurians help us to move to the next level of our spiritual evolution while showing us how to help others do the same.  Working with a Lemurian signals to your guides that you're ready to be initiated into deep, ancient knowledge.

Lemurian wands help to cut all negative cords of energy.  They're excellent for past life work and can help to balance and cleanse the chakras.

 Lemurians also increase dream recall, so try sleeping with one under your pillow if you're trying to increase your dream work.

It's said that Lemurian Grids help to open a portal for angelic help.

Just be careful when purchasing a Lemurian.  Many, many regular crystals with cutting marks are sold as Lemurians.  Make sure you're buying yours from a reputable seller such as or

The crystal pictured here is the Lemurian that my good friend Joel gifted me with.  I've blogged about this crystal before, for it's one I truly cherish.  It's called a Buddha Lemurian because there's a perfect image of a man sitting on a crystal chair inside the stone.  But I wanted you to see how deeply the etched lines are in a Lemurian; don't mistake cutting lines on a regular quartz crystal for a Lemurian. A true Lemurian --whatever you believe about its origins -- is a powerful stone to work with.


  1. A great story about Lemurian Crystal Synchronicity:

    I just found out about these crystals last week while listening to Psychic Teachers on Itunes. I quickly did A LOT of reading on them and decided to start saving my money to get one. I am new to the crystal and metaphysical world. Coming off being a HUGE skeptic and totally closed minded athiest. I have undergone a great awakening in the last six months after recovering from breast cancer.....Anywho, my fiance is still an athiest and a skeptic, but he is cool with my awakening mostly because I am a much happier and nicer person now....hahaha. He knows I have recently started a "rock collection" and I mainly just stick to the cool geological scientific talk when referring to my collection. Over the weekend he went on a motorcycle ride in the Texas Hill country and was running out of gas. He did not want to stop, but figured it was best not to run out of gas in the middle of small town Texas. There was a rock shop next door to the gas station and for some reason he fealt compelled to go in. The lady running the shop was excited and gave him a tour - they talked about me and he told her I was a mapmaker and told her my birthday was coming up. She picked out four stones and was super excited about one she called the "cartographer's" stone. She wrote down all the names of the stones and he purchased them and brought them home to surprise me......Boy was I surprised when I pulled out a lovely Lavendar Rose Quartz, Citrine, Chrysoprase, and a Lemurian record keeper seed quartz crystal.....I almost fell out of my chair! I had just started opening communications with my guardians and this was a HUGE sign from them! I am totally in love and addicted to my lemurian - so happy it found it's way to me! The really funny part is that my fiance found out that the chyrsoprase is good for healing gout, which he suffers from, so he asked if he could put it next to his bed! Thank you universe! And thank you Samantha for introducing me to Lemurian crystals!

  2. I was just introduced to Lemurian crystals and the first one I held was pulsating in my hand! I was so blown away I did not even think to buy it but went back today to buy one. I cannot stop thinking about it and will sleep with it tonight and bring it to meditation.