Sunday, November 13, 2011

Crystal of the Week -- Azurite with Malachite

Azurite -- a beautiful cobalt blue stone -- is often found growing with or on malachite -- a lovely stone with waves of green.  Together, azurite with malachite is a powerful stone for those wanting to develop their psychic abilities.  It works to clear your psyche of negativity and allows you to experience fully the emotions of compassion, forgiveness and trust.  It helps to dispel worry, resentment and regret.  Place it on your third eye to help open the 6th chakra while saying, "it is safe for me to see."

The ancient Egyptians believed Azurite with Malachite could aid spirit communication.

Azurite with Malachite will greatly assist your meditation practice allowing you to reach higher levels of spiritual awareness.

Cassandra Eason asserts that Azurite with Malachite works to help people dealing with cancer.

To use, either wear it to increase your vibration or meditate with it on your third eye.

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