Wednesday, June 22, 2011

One Loved Woman

I did a reading recently for a woman who has many close loved ones on the other side.  Her mother transitioned a year ago, and she came through first to thank her daughter for caretaking her at the end of her life.  She showed me the daughter in the hallway outside her hospital room talking to doctors and signing something.  Then she said, "Tell her thank you."  My client had to make the difficult decision to end treatment, and her mother was grateful she'd done so.

But then something funny happened.  I "saw" two men, one older than the other, fighting over who would come through next.  "You go first," the older said.  "No, you."  Back and forth.  I waited patiently and finally said, "One of you needs to step forward."  I was saddened to learn that the two men were my client's husband and father.  She was a lovely young woman who had lost too many people in her life.  The father was so excellent at giving me symbols.  I love it when the energy jives like that!  It was one of my easiest readings.  I just had to "read" the symbols.  He showed me five fingers.  He had five children and my client had five children.  He showed me a football jersey and a cowboy.  His favorite football team was the Cowboys.  He showed me a tattoo and the number 2.  My client said that two of her brothers had a tattoo in honor of their dad.  I saw a phoenix rising and she said one brother also had a tattoo like that. The reading continued like this with the father just easily flowing from one validation to another.

Then the husband stepped through, and I understood why he needed to go last.  He was still emotional over his passing and had a lot of love to pass on to his wife.  Sometimes they "press" their love on to me and I get to feel the amount of love the person in heaven has for the person sitting next to me.  It's lovely when this happens, but it's hard to remain objective.  I have to remove myself and my emotions from the reading or else I'll mess up all the signals.

He showed me his wife riding a horse and I said, "Did you just go horseback riding for the first time, ever, I think?" and she said, "Yes! Just last weekend." I thought that was a great and unique validation to come through with.  He showed me her wedding ring and bent it into a new shape.  My client said she'd recently had her engagement ring changed to a circle and placed in a new setting surrounded by their children's birthstones. He passed on many other personal and practical words of validation and advice.

When I experience readings like that, I'm almost on a high all day.  It has nothing to do with me and everything to do with the client and his/her people on the other side.  I think the strength of a good reading has to do with personality.  Have you ever met someone and tried and tried to talk to them, but walked away feeling depleted of energy as though you were pulling teeth?  Some readings can be like that.  Or you might go to a party and have a nice time talking to a new friend.  Most readings are like that.  But sometimes you meet someone who's personality is so amazing, it lights up the whole room and makes everyone laugh and feel better.  Great readings are like that, and I feel grateful whenever I can experience that.  The stronger the love, the stronger the connection.  The stronger the personality, the stronger the reading.

Today I feel very grateful for the gift of love -- it's truly eternal and limitless.

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