Friday, October 29, 2010

Religious Fears

I receive about 3 - 5 emails each week asking me the same question:  How can I be religious and psychic at the same time?  Doesn't the bible say that mediums are evil?

I always try to take my time responding to these emails because I, too, grappled with the same questions.  Does the bible warn people away from "sorcerers" and their ilk?  Yes, of course it does. And for good reason too.  First, the church authorities wanted people coming to them for advice and help, not some lady who also claimed to be a healer.  Second, they wanted to protect their flock.  Not all people who claimed to talk to the dead and see the future were of the light.  There are still thousands of frauds, fakes and charlatans out there.  And in those early years after Christ died when the books of the bible were being put together, people were so superstitious, so ready to believe, that it would have been very dangerous indeed to encourage that behavior.

None of us follows everything in the bible.  Most of us can't even follow the 10 Commandments.  I lie all the time.  My husband just spent an afternoon installing a hideous new LED light fixture in our kitchen.  It's so bright, my daughters are pretending our kitchen is a pretend stage.  But did I tell him how much I hated it?  No.  I didn't want to hurt his feelings or discourage him from finishing everything else on the "Honey Do" list.  So I lied.  "It looks great.  Thanks for fixing that!"

I covet things all the time.  My neighbor just bought an amazingly gorgeous new car, and I totally covet that thing.  My friend is always wearing the latest, coolest, newest trend and I definitely covet her wardrobe and get a lot of good ideas from her too!

Read Leviticus.  We break rules in the bible all the time.  Men shave, we eat pork, we don't stone people anymore.  Learn your bible, study your history before taking giant leaps in judgement out of fear.

When I spoke to our former priest about what I did, all he asked me was this: "Are you keeping God at the center of your work?"

And I said, "Yes!  God's the only reason I'm doing this work."

My priest said, "Then you're okay."

I pray in and I pray out of each reading always asking God to guide my words, acts, thoughts and deeds.

Is this work dangerous?  Potentially.  Every work is dangerous though.  I was more scared teaching most days than I ever am when talking to spirits :)

If you're negative, if you let your ego take over, if you make this work all about you, if you're mean and enjoy the power of "knowing" things that aren't any of your business, if you gossip about things you intuit, if you take advantage by charging exorbitant fees, if you talk about your clients to other people, then yes, this work can be dangerous because that negative energy would attract negative spirits.

But if you're a lightworker, if you always keep this work about God and not you, if you honor this work, maintain strict confidentiality and never take pride in the messages, then you'll be safe.  Like I said, "Pray in and pray out."


  1. Thank you for posting this. It is definitely something that I struggle with.

  2. This was a great topic to post. Thank you so much.

  3. Thank you for posting this. Very well put! God has taught me feel what is right and wrong if we will only listen to him and ignore those stuck in their religious box.