Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Neighborly Ghosts

A couple of weeks ago, I came home and discovered my answering machine blinking with a message.  When I pressed it, all I heard was static for a moment and then a scary voice yelled, "HELP!"  Then nothing.  Click.

Last week as my husband and I were about to fall asleep, we heard a loud noise coming from the living room as though someone were playing a computer game.  We rushed toward the direction of the sound and finally found my children's laptop which had been pushed under a chair in the living room.  The cord was unplugged and wrapped around it.  When my husband unwound the cord and opened the laptop, we turned the loud computer game off and pressed the power off button.  Spooky.

I told my next door neighbor about this, and she said, "That's weird.  The other night my husband and I had just gone to bed and we have a ceiling fan above our bed.  The fan works, but the lights never have.  This night, just as we turned out the lights to go to bed, the ceiling fan lights turn on. It was weird."

I said, "What night was this?"

She said, "Thursday."

"That's when our computer went off.  It happened just after midnight."

She said, "I don't know what time it was.  I'll ask my husband."

The next day, we were all outside watching our kids play, and she asked her husband what time the weird thing with the lights happened and he said, "Midnight.  I remember looking at the clock just as the lights went on."

Double spooky.

When my clients email me with similar tales and ask me who it was, I always have the same reply.  "Close your eyes.  Who's the first person who comes to mind?" Usually, people will think of their deceased grandmother, an uncle who just passed, a friend they haven't thought in awhile who's on the other side.  And I'll tell them, "It's just their way of saying hello."  But this time, when I closed my eyes and tried to focus on who this was, I saw nothing.

Who knows?  Maybe the veil that gets thinner right around Halloween is already thinning out.  All I know, is I'm putting up extra protection of white light around my family, me and my home.  Oh, and my neighbors too!

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  1. I think the veil is getting thinner - I was awaken Sunday morning to someone saying my name rather quickly and loudly and of course no one in my house was awake yet and there was nothing out of place in the house!