Sunday, May 27, 2012

Crystal of the Week: Pink (Mangano) Calcite

This beautiful stone is a heart stone that can help us connect with our angels.  It helps to release our innermost fears, work on forgiveness, and face past issues that may have hurt our heart.  Pink Calcite relieves anxiety, guilt and panic attacks.  It ushers in feelings of unconditional self-love.  It's especially useful for anyone who's suffered a trauma.

When combined with Blue Lace Agate, Pink Calcite helps to heal the very young or very old and helps to ease the fear of people who are very ill and in severe pain.

If you've been called to this stone, it can mean you're being asked to focus on yourself; self care and self nurturing are important now.  People who are attracted to this stone are often too generous, too giving with others and are at risk of putting other people's needs before their own.  Working with this stone will increase your self-esteem and give you permission to love and care for yourself.

Cassandra Eason recommends this stone for those who had absent mothers, mothers who passed at a young age or mothers who shouldn't have been moms. It works to heal post part-partum depression and helps facilitate bonding between mother and child.

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