Sunday, July 11, 2010

Doc's Rocks

I was in the mountains vacationing with the family this weekend and got to visit a great gem mining place that I highly recommend.  It's called Doc's Rocks and is located just passed Tweetsie Railroad in Boone.  We found large pieces of rose quartz, black tourmaline, smoky quartz, amethyst, citrine, ruby, garnet and emerald.  After we were done mining, a gentleman took us inside and taught the children about each rock -- where it's found and how it's formed.  I spoke at length with the owner, a retired Army ranger, who has an impressive personal collection of large "rocks" that he found throughout his world travels.  He had a huge piece of malachite that he discovered in Hawaii.  His wife's wedding ring was cut by him from a diamond he discovered in Africa.  Now his mission is to educate people, kids especially, on the importance of rocks and fossils.  He said, "I believe every rock serves a purpose."   I told him I couldn't agree more.

Here's the purpose of the stones we found today:

Rose Quartz: The Love Stone.  Helps people suffering from emotional trauma.
Black Tourmaline: Very protective and grounding.  Prevents the wearer from taking on other people's "stuff."
Smoky Quartz: Absorbs depression and sadness in the wearer. Helps protect soldier on active duty.  Eases stomach,liver and pancreas upsets.  Known as a good luck talisman.
Amethyst: The spiritual stone.  A must have for anyone.  This powerful and amazing stone helps one seeking a deeper and more meaningful spiritual life.  Fight addictions of any kind.  Eases stress and anxiety.  Great for meditation.
Citrine: The success stone.  Helps the wearer attract and hold onto money.
Ruby: I wrote about this stone at length in my July newsletter, but basically Ruby helps increase our passion for life. Aids initiative. Helps root chakra issues.
Garnet: Protects against sadness.  Improves self-esteem.  Fight skin disorders.  Increases physical vitality.
Emerald: Helps cure insomnia. Powerful healer.  Works on heart chakra. Strengthens memory.

Remember, it takes a crystal at least two weeks to attune its energetic vibration with yours.  Crystals work slowly at first, but they do work.


  1. I got excited by reading this and listening to your podcast on crystals. I had some stones a while back but did not use it that much. After listening to your podcast, I went out to search for more stones. I found it very close to my home! I was so excited! I bought so many of them. I am giving them as a gift to my daughters. I am making the index cards with the picture and description of the stone to encourage them to use it. Even my husband got into this and now he wants his own set!
    I look forward to your podcasts. I listen to it on my ipod. Can you tell me how would I listen to it live?
    Thank you for all you do!

  2. Hi Kalpana, Thanks for listening to PsychicTeachers! You can listen to us live every Sunday from 8 - 9 pm EST by going here:
    Sunday, August 1 we're doing another episode on crystals with a special crystal expert guest!

  3. Hi Samantha,

    Thank you for the information. I will definitely try to listen to it. In the meantime, I am listening to your podcasts and I am absolutely loving it. I can relate to so many things you are talking about like past life dreams, astrology, numerology, crystals and many more. I have read the books you both referred to by Michael Newton, Ruth Montgomery and Brian Weiss. Those are some of my favorite books. I look forward to listen to your blogs.