Thursday, February 2, 2017

Are You Haunted?


We are all given free will – even when we die.  The light leading the way to the other side appears for us all, but we can choose to go through or stay and become a ghost.  There are many theories as to how long the light lingers around us after death.  Some mediums believe it’s three days after the funeral, others say it’s three days after the final memorial.  The exact length of time is not known.  What we do know is that eventually the white light leaves and the person is now a ghost without a body, voice box or means of communication with those of us living in this dimension.  


People refuse to go through the light for many reasons.  Sometimes the grieving ones won’t let their loved ones pass on.  Every time they cry out, “Don’t leave me!” the spirit is pulled back to this plane.  Sometimes the newly deceased is afraid of being judged for their actions in the after life.  Often, people stay because they don’t believe in an afterlife.  And sometimes, people get stuck because their curiosity gets the best of them.  Once they discover they can go anywhere with a thought and act as a fly on the wall, they don’t want to leave.  The gossip is too tempting.  


Once they are stuck here, they realize that they can’t get their energy from drinking, eating or sleeping like they used to.  Soon they discover that they can only get their energy from us.  Because they’re now earthbound, they are vibrating at a low level and therefore get their energy from lower level vibrations such as stress, anger, sadness and frustration.  It doesn’t take them long to discover that they can manipulate metal and electricity fairly easily.  So if they misplace your keys five minutes before you have to leave for work, and you get completely stressed out and frustrated searching for them because you “know” you put them on the kitchen counter, the ghost in your house can live off that energy for several days.  If they turn your TV off while you’re watching it, that surge of fear you emit can last them for a good while.  

Ghosts need to therefore attach their energy to someone or someplace.  This is how they “survive.”  If they attach to a place and the homeowners move out, the ghost will go dormant for a while until a new family moves in.  Without our energy to steal, they go into a sleep like state.  This is why many ghosts choose to attach to people instead.  Like attracts like, so they have to find someone who has similar energy.  Most people who choose to stay a ghost aren’t the best kind of people.  They tend to be addicted to earthly things – money, food, pleasure, drugs, alcohol.  So if for example on earth they were focused on looking good, they might attach to someone who is obsessed with body image.  An alcoholic ghost will seek out a current alcoholic.  They are drawn to people of similar energies and will attach to them.  They usually attach at the back of the solar plexus chakra – in the middle of our back.  But this isn’t an absolute.  If a person was a sex addict in life, they will attach to a similar energy at the sacral chakra.  If a person was jealous and possessive and attaches to a similar energy, it will usually link in at the heart chakra.  


      If you’ve experienced extreme drinking, eating or drugging, you’ve put holes in your aura and are therefore at risk of an attachment.  If you’ve had surgery, there will be a tear in your aura for about six months afterward that will need to sealed with rest.  In the meantime, you would be vulnerable to attachment.  But remember, if you keep your energy light, positive and healthy, you won’t have anything to give a ghost and they will eventually leave you.

     Ghosts in the home can effect us physically.  Adults tend to experience more tension headaches than is the norm while children might have upset stomachs and sore throats. Adults can also experience an increase in colds and upper respiratory issues. Do not think that every sore throat means there is a ghost in the house.  This is just one sign that must be checked off a long list.  


      Electrical problems.  Some people will experience issues with their TV, phone, computer or children’s toys.  People report TVs turning on when no one is in the room.  Children’s electronic toys might go off in the middle of the night.  Alarms going off during the day and computers freezing up are also reported. Lights turning on and off are common in a haunting. 

      Misplaced objects.  If you keep losing things you need like you wedding ring, car keys or wallet only to have them miraculously reappear later, you may have a ghost

      Cold Spots.  If you have areas of cold spots in your home, you might have a ghost.  This can be very common in an older home, however. Taken alone, none of these signs points to a ghost.  Check your insulation.  Always rule out physical explanantions first.

       Unexplained shadows.  Seeing shadows dart out of your peripheral vision, often termed “Shadow People,” is another sign of a haunting.

      Unusual animal behavior.  If your dog or cat suddenly acts skittish in one part of your home, stares at one spot in particular or barks at “nothing,” while staring at a corner of the room, the animal might be seeing a ghost.

      Unexplained noises.  People with a ghost attached to them or their home often report hearing whispering sounds that they can’t quite make out.  Others unexplained noises include footsteps, the sounds of doors opening, knocks, scratching and the sound of something being dropped are other common sounds.


      Feelings of being watched.  In your home you might feel as though an unseen presence is always watching you.  Many people report that this occurs most often at night and when they’re alone.  This is a common feeling and is usually not paranormal, but if it happens consistently and in the same part of the house, it might be something. 

      Increased arguments in the home.  Ghosts can feed for days off of a good argument, so they will often send thoughts into people’s head to create fighting and tension.  People living in a haunted home often report that their marriage was going great and then suddenly senseless fighting erupted and they couldn’t stop it.  

      Feeling tired in your home and energized when you leave.  Because ghosts take our energy, we will feel drained, tired and a bit cranky when we’re home but once we leave the home, we’ll feel more energized and happier.  If a ghost has attached itself to you, this will be a much harder feeling to shake.  It’s important to see your doctor to make sure these feelings don’t have a common, explainable source that can be helped with medicine or therapy.

You can seek out a reputable paranormal team for help.  Check their references and make sure they don’t charge.  You can also get your home blessed by a priest or minister.  Keep the energy in your home light and clear.  Make sure your home is always clean and cleared of clutter.  Open the windows on a bright sunny day.  Open your blinds to always to let the light in.  Sage your house weekly.  Keep crystals in your home to lift the energy.  Play classical music or the Gregorian chants in your home to break up negativity.  Have a running source of water in your home to clear the energy such as an aquarium or water fountain.  Avoid fake, silk plants and opt for live plants which will help clean the energy in your home. 

The best way to keep your home and energy clean and clear of ghosts is to live a life of balance, positivity and gratitude.  

If you think you have a ghost, read up on this topic.  Some great books include When Ghosts Speak by Mary Ann Winkowski and Relax! It’s Only a Ghost by Echo Bodine. 

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Are You a Night Worker?

 What’s a night worker? A night worker is an intuitive who helps people during their dream state.  Some people with natural psychic abilities have agreed to work as night workers meaning they astral travel at night to help others in a variety of ways.  Some night workers will travel to sick people and help heal their energy.  Other night workers will counsel people about a problem the dreamer is dealing with.  Some intuitives will help recently departed souls cross over and still other night workers use the dream state to help animals who are lost or injured. 

When we sleep, most of us astral project.  Our soul leaves our body and travels through the astral planes. We remain connected to our body by a silver “umbilical cord” of energy. Most people travel to the other side to rest or review their soul’s path.  But some people – called Night Workers -- spend this time helping others. 

Night workers have dreams that are very different from the average dreamer.   A night worker’s dreams are vivid, colorful, and chronological.  The dreams feel more like visits and have a clear beginning, middle and end.  Often night workers wake up feeling more tired than when they went to sleep. Read on to discover if you could possibly be a night worker.


Many night workers report dreaming about helping souls cross over.  When someone dies suddenly from an accident, heart attack or other unexpected cause, they often aren’t aware they are dead.  They need help realizing this so they can go through the light.  Because the newly deceased are still connected to earth, they can’t see spirit guides, angels and loved ones who have already gone through the light.  So they need mediums here on earth to connect with them and tell them to go through the light.  This is a job that many natural mediums do during the sleep state.  Their soul will astral travel to a newly deceased soul and help them to see the light and cross over.

Sue Ann, a practicing medium in South Carolina, remembers one night dreaming that she was standing on the highway next to a man who had recently died in a motorcycle accident.  The man appeared very dazed.  He was clearly in shock.  Sue Ann got his attention by getting him to repeat his name and where he lived.  She told him to look into the light.  When he did, he started waving to his grandfather and happily walked through the tunnel to the other side.  Sue Ann woke up and read in the newspaper that a man had indeed died that night in a motorcycle accident.


Many natural healers work to help others even when they’re sleeping.  Doctors, nurses, Reiki practitioners and holistic healers have reported helping people in the dream state.   They describe dreams where they are in a room with a person, usually someone they don’t know, and they are working energetically on their body to help them achieve a state of balance. 

A nurse named Monica often has dreams that she is healing someone with rainbow lights.  Monica describes a place that is on the beach.  Her clients are on a massage table lulled by the sound of the ocean and calmed by the rainbow lights she directs to their chakras. She usually will meet that person later in the week in real time in her office. 

Bob, a Reiki Master, has dreams that he is giving Reiki to someone in a healing temple.  He describes a large white building with several columns and stairs leading up to the healing room. He describes hearing beautiful music playing while he does Reiki on the people in his dream. He reports being surrounded by a team of helpers including angels. 


People who are natural counselors and therapists will often have dreams where they are listening to someone’s problems and helping them work out a solution.  Rick, a psychotherapist, has dreams where he’s sitting in a classroom at an old fashioned desk.  He always sees a line of people waiting to talk to him as one by one people sit down in the desk opposite him.  Sometimes he just listens to the person, but often he comes up with wonderful solutions and suggestions for them. 

Jean, a practicing Tarot reader, has dreams where she’s giving readings to people helping them to make important decisions in their life.  In her dreams, she is always seated underneath a large tree with her cards spread out before her.  She counsels people on everything from relationships to health and career questions. 

A teacher named Julie often dreams of helping students whom she doesn’t know in real life.  But one time she dreamt that she helped a young man apply for a scholarship so he could go to the college where she taught history.  When the semester started a month later, she met the young man who’d appeared in her dream.  He later told her that he dreamt about getting a scholarship and that’s what compelled him to apply for the help, which he did receive. 


People who are naturally connected to animals often report having dreams where they help animals find their home, get adopted or cross over to the other side.  Stephanie, a Veterinarian’s assistant, has had several night worker dreams where she’s helped animals.  When her client’s cat went missing, she dreamt that she saw the cat miles away in another person’s house.  In the dream she showed the cat how to walk home.  The next day, the cat returned home.  Stephanie often has dreams where she’s helping a pet to let go of their earthly existence and move on to the other side. 

When Barbara’s dog passed away after a long illness, she still heard his paws on the hardwood floors and one night felt his cold, wet nose brush against her leg when she was walking to the kitchen.  She feared that he had not crossed over out of loyalty to her.  One night she had a dream where she was walking her dog and told him it was okay to move on, that he needed to be in heaven with the other dogs.  She watched as he ran off into the light.  When she woke up, Barbara knew her dog had finally crossed over. 

You might be a night worker too.  Do you often wake up exhausted as if you’ve worked all night?  Do you have dreams that feel very real?  Have you dreamt of helping someone? Have you dreamt of a stranger and later met them in real life? If you think you’re a night worker, start to record your dreams.  The more you write your dreams down, the more clearly you’ll remember them.  Being a Night Worker can be illuminating and gratifying, but it can also be exhausting when you truly need a good night’s sleep.  So if you’ve had a really long day, tell your guides and angels before you go to sleep that you need a night off!